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 Apparently one of the three of us who were there had certain apprehensions and fears of greater commitment, and there was the cause supposedly because the contact was not given, after that communication I decided to walk away about seventy meters from my two colleagues to try to get more answers, it is then I arrived at a place where there was a wall cutting off my path and prevented me from continuing, there I continued trying to unravel the situation that was happening to me uncomfortable for not understanding how certain things work, all of the sudden, I perceived very clearly a being behind me, I felt the vibration and energy of it, projected behind me and towards my left side, I felt so strongly that presence that I turn to see it with my physical eyes but I can't distinguish it.

It was then that I feel how they take me by the forearms and  raised them until I carry my arms forming a cross, and they turned my wrists, turning my palms towards up, and immediately after that I am wrapped with a kind of energy mantle, I can't describe it any other way way, since I felt as if they had put a mantle covering me over my shoulders, it was a extremely pleasant sensation, one felt a state of indescribable peace and love, that was so pleasant that I let me go slowly backwards putting my body in a very inappropriate position, and because of someone who was behind me helped me, I would have hit and falling on my back, he was totally aware and gave me pleasure in the position where I was and I mentally said: don't let me fall...

I estimate the experience lasted about five minutes maybe more, at the end of that time I decided to get out of that position, and I turn again but there was no one behind me, if I felt the presence even Just the next day in a solar meditation where I asked to know who I had had the experience with. It was confirmed by viewing the teacher Alcir.

After leaving that state, I want back to where my colleagues were 5aand I found them talking, I join them and suddenly Siki starts to wear a she misses so much, I spoke to her a couple of times and she didn't she answered she... Then suddenly she tells me: the Master Alcir says, "what do you want to know Zietel?", to which I respond after a moment of reflection and understand that she was channeling the message, "I need information to transmit" I said... and what follows is verbatim of what our dear sister Siki receives and relates it in her personal report:

 We mantralized again and I began to feel a lot of energy that touched my right arm slowly and I was "touching" that energy on me right. It was a moment when I saw clearly, the bracelets that I wear on my arms. I closed my eyes and I was feeling them, more than seeing them, I hit them against each other and I let them fall. I saw a circle formed around the two and they shone a lot, in a silvery blue color; until they merged into each other and became one in which it contained both. Then I felt like they were below me and projected a tube of energy, leaving me "immobile." I had then no more physical sensations, since what he saw was very far from where I was.  

 I saw the jungle and knew I was in Paititi, that's when I saw Master Alcir. He didn't introduce himself, I just knew it was him. He let me know about the seven who went to the Blue Base. Then I saw the Lake with a disk beating at half speed and that we were the ones who fed it. I also saw the one from Gobi (desert) activated almost completely, and the vibration of the central Disc, receiving those other vibrations, beating strongly, but not yet reaching the maximum. I saw it rising. After that I felt the concern of my two brothers and Alcir who transmitted the following to me:

 "Ask Zietel, what he wants to know." I tried to move in front of him and couldn't; It was like glued to the floor. I should have asked for "permission."

When I asked Livio the question, he did not have his eyes open, yet I saw him very clearly, like daylight. - I need information to transmit - Zietel asked. The response was immediate, and I could barely keep up, telling him what was being said to me. Alcir transmitted:

 "All the keys to awakening have already been placed within you. Come back with at least three deep meditations per day (because they are deep, they are not taken as long), with your inner Self. Zietel, quiet your external march and speed up the internally one. Cultivate your spirit more, you will only be able to speak, transmit what you have felt and experienced in yourself. "The guidelines will be given for this to happen."

 Why wasn't contact made? - Zietel asked, and the answer seemed to have a certain tinge printed on it of rebuke for our little faith: "Contact was given to you and is being given now."

 Then Rubén proposes to retire, since he believed that he was of him and his little time in the mission that this was not given. I saw how the teacher seemed to shake his head, seeing how hardheaded we seemed to be; then with infinite patience he explained through me:

 "No, it is not by leaving, moving away, that it is solved; it is by committing yourself more and more. Each one of you contributes your unique vibration to the whole, and if you leave, the balance will be broken (I saw a triangle with a spiral in each vertex); seven would stop vibrating, and only six would vibrate."

 Knowing that we were wondering why the guides didn't showed up, if they were there giving us their support, he continued:

"The guides, older brothers, cannot open today a Xendra because your commitment is with the intra-terrestrial White Brotherhood, it is with your interior. The Dome opens in your hearts and you consciously receive and register only that which you are prepared to decipher. See inside, not outside. That day everything will open and you will not need to ask for contact, as it will be spontaneous."

 I stopped seeing Master Alcir and felt him take a step out of the bracelets; I ran out of energy and when I wanted to look, I was on my knees with my palms on the ground. Inside my being, I experienced a deep love.

 I went to sleep with a bittersweet taste. I was far from fully assimilating the experience. Even today (when I write this report) seven days later, I still understand and remember new things.

 Well, that's how it was, it was difficult for us to realize that the contact was that, and at that precise moment, since we always want more and more, and many times we do not value what we receive because we consider that contact must be physical, physical, seeing, touching, feeling, palpating, but well, we are in the process of understanding what we are experiencing and sometimes it is difficult for us to assimilate it.

I also realized that in the solitary experience that I was wrapped in an energetic mantle, was where much of the information was given to me, through the words of Alcir:... "All the keys to awakening have already been placed in your interior"

When the contact and channeling ended, we left the place with a pressure on our chest that was not painful, but rather pleasant, we returned to the camp, which was already in total silence because our companions had long gone to bed, of course our watches warned us that we had spent almost three hours in the place, something that surprised me a little because I estimated the time we spent in the place of the experience something like an hour.

We went to bed savoring those images in our minds, those experiences that since that time moment we sensed that they were going to give us much more as time went by. 

The next day we received our brother from the Lima groups, Freddy Luna, who had passed in front of us the day before, and we have done a very beautiful job in front of the door guided by Freddy himself, giving us a great example of humility and dedication to the mission, thus we concluded the work in that very magnetic place. 

We returned to Chucuito, and decided to spend that night in the hostel to rest, and The next day we would leave for Moquegua, the city of our brother Victor Callirgos, to finally meet our host.

 This is how we left on Tuesday, August 14, heading to the city of Moquegua. The trip was quite bearable with the occasional shock, as a truck driver stopped his vehicle irresponsibly right after a sharp curve, and we almost hit it, if not due to the expertise of the driver, who, like us, was quite upset by the irresponsible attitude of this man, once again we felt the support from above.

In the afternoon of that day we arrived in Moquegua, and after a phone call we met Víctor, at the bus stop, and through an emotional hug we transmitted to each other everything we felt after everything we had experienced.

 We stayed in a hotel that he found for us and after a few moments of rest we left for Mount Hurracane, even with so many experiences experienced by our brothers from Peru, we arrived at the hill or rather at the foot of it in two taxis. Then we undertook a long walk crossing small watercourses and skirting scree in dry river beds, until we found a secluded and appropriate place to carry out our tasks, which were wonderfully guided by our host, and we shared a collective and broad-brush reflection of what that each one had experienced in all those days, and after that returned to the hotel full of indescribable peace and joy.

 The next morning we agreed to meet Victor in the afternoon to go see the hill where is located the statue of a white Christ of several meters high and with his arms extended, it's in the middle of a beautiful park with beautiful gardens and to the side there is a suspension bridge, on the route that passes several meters below it, this bridge has been chosen by suicides to throw themselves by climbing its railing and jumping In a vacuum, then irradiation work was done on it (by us), creating separate crosses of violet malt, and leaving them there permanently rotating to prevent new suicides.

 But a few moments before this work and while we were touring the area, the feeling or intuition of an earthquake came strongly to my mind, which I tried to push away from my mind so as not to give energy to this idea, and it came back the same again, to my astonishment. 

On the afternoon of that same day, the earthquake was recorded in Pisco, but although we were more than a thousand kilometers from the epicenter, we felt the very faint vibration under our feet, and the cables of the power lines in the city of Moquegua oscillated, and we saw the faces of those residents showing fear, which was understandable since this country is very prone to earthquakes.

 That night we left for Tacna to board the international express that would take us directly to Buenos Aires, and with a tight hug we said goodbye to our dear brother on mission Víctor, of whom I have had a very pleasant impression and an endearing affection. From these lines, I extend my most sincere gratitude for your missionary work, and for your unconditional willingness to show solidarity towards these seven humble pilgrims.  

Also thank Freddy Luna from the groups of Lima, for sharing with us, my six traveling companions for their maturity and responsibility, maintaining the missionary spirit at all times to the groups from Uruguay for their support, groups from Salinas, the city of Pando, groups from the Amazonas of Montevideo, and the two groups from the city of Treinta y Tres for their selfless collaboration and unconditional support towards their three colleagues who traveled representing them and towards me, I also thank Sergio de Solymar for his help, which arrived just in time. 

I also especially thank those who opposed us taking this trip, since thanks to that opposition and criticism, we redouble our convictions, to them THANK YOU iiii 

Also thank and of course very especially the Father Mother God, for allowing us to be working for the plan, our teacher and lord the Christ, our older brothers and the teachers of the white brotherhood of the earth, thank you all very much.

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