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And we arrived in Tacna, at night, the bus left us on a cold and rainy night and we had to look for a place to spend the night, we walked with the large luggage we were carrying, and a couple of streets away we found a comfortable lodging where being able to take a shower after almost three days of traveling; Once rested and in a state of relaxation, a meditation was carried out and subsequent reception of communications, what was received was the following:

 Aug 9 2007

 Guidelines for Hayumarca?

 What brought us to the door?

 "An ancient commitment that you will duly remember working at the door is the reason today 7 warriors are here, for that, to do the job properly and let your open minds to recover knowledge, it is necessary that you vibrate in unison, leaving aside fears and differences. 

Here at the door one heart must beat so that it opens it. Do specific jobs to first open your internal seals and then the door will open. Focus on your hearts and don't let anything affect you, as you already know, you are supported and will be duly assisted because that is our commitment.

Make sure you arrive, we will be there as always for each of your steps.

 But there above all you will contact the Intra-terrestrial White Brotherhood, which will facilitate the awakening of your inner knowledge through external factors. 

 The door awaits you, the heart of the INCA KING beats there. Have faith and walk." 

 With love,

 Oxalc, Sampiac and Rumilac.

 And this other communication was also received that night:

"Those who have felt the call are yesterday's travelers who return today, do not doubt the support, you have already received samples of it, the door awaits you and there we will give you more guidelines, maintain faith and unity." 

- The Guides in Mission .-

 In this way our older brothers were giving us their always timely advice and their unconditional love. Before going to rest I went to a cyber station to try to communicate by phone with Víctor and tell him that we had already arrived in Tacna, I couldn't do it since his cell phone was out of coverage for being in the area of the lake islands. So I decided to send him an email, so that he can tell me where we would meet the next day, and then I calmly went back to the hotel with my companions, with confidence and the inner feeling that everything was fine.-

 One of his companions had an ailment in her feet, they had become inflamed and hurt a lot, it was then that all of us radiated it with great affection and we attended at all times, scheduling several of us to work on healings from the astral (plane), and asking for the support of the guides, and so all with a great desire for a comfortable bed after so much long trip, we went to sleep reflecting on everything experienced so far.

 The new day in that city dawned somewhat gray, we got up early in the morning, and the first thing what we did was go to our companion's room with sore feet, with great joy we saw that her feet were almost normal, and she told us that they didn't hurt. We took all the luggage and prepared to leave the hotel heading to the bus terminal, upon arriving at it exactly one was leaving for El Puno, we embarked on it and thus began a new journey along mountain paths, and passing at high altitude on winding roads that tested our nerves, the road took us through valleys, and towns that seem as painted by the best artist. 

 One after another images that paraded through the bus windows were being captured by the three digital cameras that the companions were carrying, and the kilometers and the hours seemed to stretch, well we all noticed that the trip was becoming too much long in time to cover almost three hundred kilometers that separate the city of Tacna with Chucuito, place of our destiny.


.- Juli (Chucuito).-

 Upon arriving in Chucuito, we set out to find a hostel that Víctor Callirgos had recommended to me in a previous email, this is called "The Embassy", and it is a very pleasant and comfortable place, after resting for a few moments in the place, I left to check my email to see what news I found, and to find out about our brother Víctor with whom after several attempts I could not communicate by phone, when I opened the email I found a piece of news that made me choke up, which I transcribe verbatim :

BE FIRM TO THE END; " Dear brother, my most affectionate greetings and hugs in the mission. Remain extremely firm and fulfill the purpose that your heart holds. This departure has a greater importance within the plan; group 7 of Uruguay has carried out and is coming carrying out its work, going as far as it must go with firmness and great will and above all with immense love for humanity and the planet, in the stage of receiving the vibration and Christic irradiation that touches us in this process.

 The fact that we did not meet, at this moment I am writing to you from Desaguadero and it is 3:28 p.m. of 08-10-2007, does not imply that we are carrying out the work together. My love is one with you and the way has been opened for you to carry out your complementary work. "There are seven that add up to eight is more than overwhelming.

 The path has been opened by the (ET) masters whose company I have felt at all times in addition to the last signs such as 4444 and 144. I am extremely grateful for what everyone has done for me, and the little that a little one like your brother (self) has was able to carry out the mission together with you.

 The report that I will send to the mission must consist of two parts, the departure of Víctor Callirgos supported by you and your culminating work (10-11-12), which is assigned from today on your path in these magical and sacred heights of the living lake that loves us. It loves you, it loves all of you, your brother Victor. I have taken a ticket to Moquegua at 4.30 p.m. from Desaguadero.

 Again, it hugs you again and tells you that loves you all, who is sure of the vital "consequence" of this outing in which you participate so willingly. Your prize is close and I, close to you, along with our guides and teachers, will make you see it. I'm with you. We are together until the end. This is true unity.

 See you soon, brother. Greetings to everyone. Don't stop informing me and don't forget to make the report of this mission. Atte. Victor.-"


 In this way I was somewhat shocked by the news that our brother, who had invited us, had not been able to stay longer awaiting our arrival, and he was returning to his home. I left the cyber and a pang in my chest made me cry, I thought and thought about what was the reason for so many delays and disagreements, my mind refused to decode the facts, or maybe I shouldn't, until I reached the hostel and my friends and traveling companions made me feel their affection and so I spent that moment of nostalgia, and applying our old phrase "things happen that way for a reason", I was calm knowing that now there would only be seven Uruguayans in Hayumarca.  

We spent that night in that place trying to rest from the more than four thousand kilometers of travel that we had up to that moment, there too we all decided not to continue to Cusco as I had thought at a certain point, and two days passed and two nights at the sacred door, we went to sleep early, after a conversation to resolve the aforementioned, and with the idea of getting up for the next day and arrange things to leave for the door which is only twelve kilometers from Chucuito.


TOWARDS THE DOOR -The next morning, the owner of the hostel, Mrs. Angélica, very kindly got us a ride, giving instructions to the driver to take us to "tired horse", that's what they call the area where the door is, and she even told me and gave the name of one of the community managers who is in charge of guarding the entire archaeological zone, so that they would allow us to spend the night in Hayumarca; And we set out in a van-type truck, the seven of us towards that place so full of mysteries. 

After a short trip and along the lake we saw the majestic door in the distance.  




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