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 Hayumarca: August 11 and 12, 2007. (With my heart in my hand.-)

 Free (The horse)

There were only twenty days left for the trip, and the only that had not yet found the money, was me, which worried several of my traveling companions, telling me the same things: "I am uneasy with your calm Livio, there are a few days left until the trip and you still don't have the money", he was very calm but he continually tried to create the conditions necessary for things to be resolved.


It was so what a sister from the group of 33 what months before, had given me a horse named Free, she tells me: and if we harness your horse to get the money for your tickets, then I answered yes, I agreed if that is the case. I could recover it later, since I knew that sometimes they were bought and sent to the slaughterhouses, and so on way he began to carry out what was needed for the procedure.

It's incredible how the brothers go searching for solutions and help plans, and this has already happened to me many times thank God, but in this opportunity also in that sense things began to have problems, and my horse remained in the same place. Well, the help came from another person who graciously offered the money for me, this lady who belongs to one of the interior groups, took out a loan which will be reimbursed by all your colleagues of the group in a great act of solidarity and detachment, and the other money part that i needed I got it on loan from a man who has been in Rama for a long time, and who last year rejoined the groups, so at the last minute the money for my tickets was obtained.


 The change in the travel date.

 Reservations had been made ten days before the trip in the bus company that travels from Buenos Aires to Lima directly, we did it through a lady that has been working in the travel business for years and tourism, and that she very kindly undertook to help us, and to do she contacted an agency trips of her trust and with years in the field, made the reservation at the bus company, twelve days prior to the date of travel.


Three days before the scheduled date to carry out our trip, I went to the agency with the money to get the tickets for all seven, and I found out the surprising news that the bus company's system had gone down, and not being able to communicate with the agency of trips without further ado they had sold us our tickets, and with complete naturalness they told the agency that they had no solution for us..., the only thing what we could do was to travel the next day, or otherwise on Tuesday, August 7.

I consulted with my companions and by the next day it was impossible for three of them, ruling out this possibility, then the gentlemen of the travel agency tried to solve the problem by doing countless of calls to other companies, to the same one of the reservations, and even to the airlines that had plans on sale, but the latter had the disadvantage of being much more expensive, despite the offers, and also there were not seven spaces or causality, It was then that I had to take the decision to travel on day seven with the "irresponsible" agency, with the implicit delay in our arrival in a timely manner, since the trip by land takes three days of march to cover the almost 4,500 kilometers that separate Montevideo from Puno in Peru without any other option, I told my travel colleagues that the day of departure had been changed, this fell like a bucket of ice to several of them, so clear the test of patience and tolerance which overcame with resignation, I already sensed that something was brewing, so I sent Victor an email with the subject: "There were changes", he responded to me which was a shame since the dates of work in group given by the guides and teachers were of August 8th to 12th, but well the game came in that sense and we had to take it as they were giving to us.


In addition, with the change, there was a great wait in the city of Buenos Aires, at least nine hours in it, so I began to ask questions to the ET guides, and came the answer the day before the trip:


While I was walking to the supermarket I was asking what jobs we should do in Argentina to take advantage of that waiting time, then the word clearly came to my mind: Miserere

It was then that I searched and found a square with that name in the neighborhood of eleven, it is a very busy area of great Buenos Aires, since there are many shops and businesses, it is also clear to me what work to do there. 

 That day I also received calls from many brothers who wished me all the best for this new missionary work that awaited us, which comforted me and made me feel the spirit of solidarity of the brothers on the way who from their hearts wished us success, and gave us your fraternal and selfless support.-


 On the way.-

 On the night of August 6th I set out towards the bus terminal of three crossings in Montevideo accompanied by my son Leandro who was visiting home, when I arrived at the terminal a couple of people were there waiting for my arrival and soon a lady from the thirty-three group arrived (Guadiela Olivera), who was visiting the capital, and came there to say goodbye, one by one, the rest of the companions arrived and when we were all there I proposed something that I felt very strong, and the proposal was that from that moment and until our return we should try think and feel as one mind and one heart, since in this way harmony could be maintained constant and thus the objectives of the trip will be crystallized, everyone agreed and we all promised to be as patient and tolerant as possible with each other, even though there were people who did not know each other, this was a proposal that will germinate in our hearts and that in the entire round trip, not a single problem or misunderstanding would occur between us, from here are congratulations to the entire travel group for the love and respect that reigned from beginning to end.-


 We then left on the ship-bus to Argentina, one section by bus to Colonia, and the other section by ship from the port of Colonia to the port of Buenos Aires; when we were almost reaching port the sun was beginning to rise over the sea, and our dear sister Siki had asked the guides about a mantra that had been received in the Melo groups last year, the lady who received it in deep meditation , I saw in experience that this mantra served to open a portal in the rock, at the time I did not give it much importance, because I did not feel that it should be used yet, until the trip to Hayumarca arose, and I began to sense that it could applied, said mantra is: ACROD - NAJHIT - ARRARET - NAJAL, the response from the older brothers was immediate and received the following communication:

 August 7, 2007. Time 05:20

 "Do not forget that you must remain in a common mental union, vibrate in unison and do what you know. The 4 mantrams, as you suspect, are a powerful key that will take you beyond the limits of the mind and the physical. United you will achieve what you long for. Search your heart for the key, there it is. It has been given to you through preparation. The personal keys are activators that will connect you to the disk... and the mantrams used together will be the opening, have faith. Just open yours. hearts."



 This communication was soon being confirmed by a sighting of a (space) ship over the sea and to the left of the sun as it was dawning, which we have photographed, and the mantra that the communication refers to, is a compound one that was used on the door with incredible effects, from the beginning the elders were endorsing and supporting our travel initiative , and that made us feel very calm.


 We arrived at the port and headed first to the Retiro station to mark tickets for 6:00 p.m. in "The international rapid", bus before mentioned, once this was done we took a bus from the Retreat to Plaza Miserere in eleven, and already in the plaza we realized the  density of the place, the atmosphere felt heavy with negativity, something that what was surprising was the large number of cats that were in the central monument of the square, were counted dozens, without knowing how they came to reproduce so much and take that place as your habitat; we carry out an energy work planting four crystals there in the middle of the place and while a large number of people there, we  didn't loose our concentration.

With the joy of having fulfilled our humble work, we gave ourselves the first bear hug filling us with peace and happiness, and then went to eat something and explore the surroundings; when we realized, it was almost time to board the Rápido, which did not honoring his name, he arrived slowly and delayed by 45 minutes.


 After several hours of travel, and with a new day, we found ourselves in the town of Mendoza, and shortly after reaching the Andes mountain range, in that town the bus stopped for half an hour and we prepared a mate, to and continue the journey, and in a few kilometers further on we reached the mountain range crossing, at that time a snow storm was going on there, and we arrived at the first customs before crossing the border, we stopped, and the driver's comments were that the road had been cut off in the caracoles. and that perhaps we would have to go back and take a huge turn, which would mean many more hours of travel, with several other buses also stopped in front of ours, the unexpected happened, when our bus was about to turn around and take the alternative route, the driver is informed that a passenger is missing, a lady who had gotten off our bus with some other passengers to go to the customs bathrooms, apparently without realizing it she had taken the wrong bus, that one was blue, and not yellow like ours, I don't know how they could have made such a mistake, but that's how it was, the blue bus was the last one that the officials let pass, when they found out what happened after the "distracted" lady , they let us passed too and when we pick it up, a route official approaches and tells us that we can continue on our way since they had just told him by radio that the route was clear, if this lady had not made a mistake, we would have gone the other route, taking us much longer, , after the mishap we reflected how nothing was left to chance and once again the invisible threads and through an apparently silly situation, helped us again.-

Continuing the road we crossed the border with Chile, and we continued our journey crossing this country along the Panamerican route, and at times along the Pacific Ocean, until the Atacama Desert began, which took us almost a day of travel, in the middle of the afternoon that day we stopped at a truck stop to prepare a mate, and then we decided perform a chakra alignment, who folded to the It was a young Peruvian who was traveling with us , and who established a friendship with some of the our companions, the young man named (), he performed the alignment with us and was very satisfied with the felt sensations. Getting back on track now, two people from the group doing a small meditation on the journey both receive the same symbol, it would already be marking us in Hayumarks a place to have an experience of contact; Furthermore, Rubén Correa visualizes together with the symbol, a rocky place, and is seen next to me having an experience with a being of light that we could not see his face, this being welcomed us to the place, and he addressed me saying: 

"We were waiting for you"

 The symbol I am referring to is set out under these lines so that readers understand how things were going...

  Continuing along our path we crossed the border with Chile towards Peru, and as night fell we arrived at the city of Tacna, thirty-five kilometers distant from the border with Chile.  


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