Evolution Path to Infinity
First Part


"And it will be the wings of the soul, the love and wisdom impelled by the Will, with which the glorious flight returns to the eternal source from which it came."

The Extraterrestrial Guides




The preparation that Rama Mission suggests as part of our individual and collective growth that will lead us to change for the sake of Creation, seeks mainly to strengthen our will and maintain the bridge of communication established with the extraterrestrial Guides and intra-terrestrial Masters. RAMA, is bridge and communication, and not only with more advanced civilizations that come from the stars, but between us and with ourselves.

Throughout these years it has been understood that only through knowledge and consciousness, can we move in a balanced way along the paths that marked the contact. Therefore, the methodology used by RAHMA seeks to train the human person in an integral way, using group dynamics and stimulating self-observation.


Purpose of the Preparation

The goal of this preparation is to call the attention of the person, little by little, towards the Inner Universe that exists in each human being, discovering with it the unlimited potentialities that we all carry inside, as if they were asleep, awaiting an "awakening". 

Although it is true that in Mission RAHMA (RAMA) we have a permanent orientation from the extraterrestrial Guides, the path of evolution is traveled alone, being our main test to keep constant and consistent with everything we undertake.

It should be noted that the preparation is not confined only to group meetings, but to a daily attitude of change. Let us then take that step towards our own interior. And that this preparation program is just a pretext to find ourselves again with ourselves.


Preparation Program

There is an excellent text of permanent consultation in Mission Rahma: Evolution Path to Infinity, taken from the Masters, under the guidance of the Guides.

In this compendium of messages and teachings received within the Mission, the evolution plan to be followed is mentioned, as part of a valuable preparation that points to infinity. This preparation is in the three planes (physical, mental and spiritual) and develops as follows: 

Physical Evolution:
A. Purification with fasting and abstinence
B. Renewal by deep breathing and natural energetic feeding. 
C. Conservation through natural life and exercise.

Mental Evolution
A. Mental Alchemy through Discernment and Polarization. 
B. Knowledge that is the realization of it. 
C. Activation and good use of faculties and perceptions.

Spiritual Evolution:
A. Harmonization in the body, mind and spirit. 
B. Self-knowledge (self-analysis) 
C. Inner transformation through spiritual alchemy.


With the light here exposed, you will be able to illuminate your path, according to your understanding and capacity for realization. And so, you will radiate more and more light and your clothes will turn white as you move along the path. And the light of your souls will be one with the infinite source of light, never to be extinguished. And there will then be a vibration of yours trembling in the universe, and a drop of yourselves in the ocean of eternity. And it will be forever that drop of essence growing from its small greatness, to being also ocean of infinite life.


The creation


Creation and everything created is the Divine Ideation manifested in Seven Planes of Fundamental Vibration, comprising in itself millions of degrees of vibration, its extension in both directions unfolds in the processes of Creation and Evolution, the aspiration and expiration of the Great Breath Divine.

The Eternal Breathing Creator and Renewer in the eternal evolution of the universe. The Universe is the creation of the FATHER-MOTHER-GOD: of the Universal Father, the unique and first Essence, and of Mother Nature, which is her divine and wise manifestation, a wonderful compendium of the laws that govern the Universe and lead it under the inscrutable forces towards its creator. In the Grandiose scenario of the Universe, breathe the Great Breath giving shape and life to millions of individuals, who are nevertheless indissoluble parts of the GREAT EVERYTHING.

All the forms that populate the Universe: worlds, suns, galaxies, atom, animal or man, are different manifestations of the ALL CREATOR, and fulfill a certain role in the Great Work of Creation, being the same essence of all of them as creatures emanated from one and only source.

The Creator never destroys. He renews his manifestations in all planes of vibration, thus allowing his creatures to gradually evolve into an ever-expanding expansion of the Divine Essence that underlies all of them, in the infinitely large and in the infinitely small.


The evolution


The stars that you see shining in the blue of the sky, began to be born when an infinitesimal particle attracted another to form an atom, the simplest; this atom joined another, thus forming a molecule; they formed substances and substances elements. And so on, the process continued for eons on the Wheel of Time, until it became the stars and galaxies that populate the Universe.

Just as the destiny of the infinitesimal atom is to shine in the greatness of a galaxy, the destiny of man is to achieve the greatness of the ALL UNIVERSAL, the origin of all that exists, the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega of creation.

Under the light of the stars, the primordial substance that gives them life is hidden, and they are their dense manifestation in the immensity of the Universe.

And man is a flash of light that shines in the Sea of ​​Omniscient Clarity, and with its ephemeral glare forms the Eternal Flare of the Universal All.

EVOLUTION is the Eternal Law of Creation, which leads it to the infinite, fulfilling the designs drawn by the Divine Will, it is the constant and unlimited process that elevates every creature to the dimensions of its Origin in the return to the Primordial Source from where everything proceeds and to which everything returns.

Everything, absolutely everything is on the Path of Evolution: from the smallest to the greatest, from the most abject to the most sublime; the dense and the subtle evolve in the eternal becoming of the Universe, in a constant flow towards "... that from which everything comes and towards which everything gravitates ..."

The emanation born of the ALL CREATOR descends to matter to its densest degrees, to live by itself the experience of all the planes of vibrations that the Universe manifests, in order to acquire in its immortal essence, the very essence of Creation, and to reach the Greatness of the Divinity by own experience.


Thus everything evolves towards a state of PERFECTION without limits towards a DEITY independent of space and time, because it is essence and not form, eternal and without beginning and end.

Man, projecting his CONSCIOUSNESS beyond his ephemeral existence and everything that hides Eternal reality in his eyes, knows in the deepest strata of his spirit that such is his destiny, the fundamental Reason of his existence, and seeks then to go towards him, finding the path of Evolution.

He thus expands in CONSCIOUSNESS, freeing himself from the dense envelopes and vibrations placed one on top of the other in the process of CREATION: the descent into the matter of the Divine Emanation; and again to remove in the process of Evolution; the unlimited expansion of the Divine Essence that underlies man, that infinite and perfect as the GREAT ESSENCE from which it was emanated.

In the boundless and marvelous process of Evolution, many paths lead to the ALL CREATOR; as many as the breaths of the sons of men.

Because every man has his way.

Yours is the one that fills your soul, the one who lives with sincerity and faith in what you feel and what you do, following the rhythm of your own heart.

It does not matter what your religion or your philosophy is, neither what you are nor what you have. If such is your path, you are on the right path, the one who would lead you to your own fulfillment.

"And it will be the wings of the soul, love and wisdom, driven by the will, with which I will return in glorious flight to the eternal source from which it came"

Because only in LOVE is man made he becomes One with the Universe; and he finds himself and his Creator in WISDOM. In the all-encompassing love, saturating everything; in WISDOM that understands everything, illuminating everything. And because everything is achieved by man with the FORCE OF WILL.

My goal in life, my greatest aspiration, is You, Lord: THE WAY. 
My will, the Force that always accompanies me, is You, Lord: WILL. 
My great Master and my best guide, is You, Lord: WISDOM. 
My greatest Devotion And my Great Love, you are, Lord: LOVE. 
Because You have given me Will, Wisdom and Love, illuminating my spirit, my mind and my heart, my Great All, you are, Lord: THE ALL.




The Three Manifestations of the Creation of Man


The Creator manifests in man with the Force of the Three Great Emanations that illuminate his entire existence: WILL, LOVE and WISDOM.

In the endless journey that awaits Man in his eternal ascension, he must always be enlightened by these Rays of Will, Wisdom and Love, because he could not be completely rid of his own forces in his constant spiritual progress and needs the light that his Creator sends him always, so that he never feels alone and helpless, and knows that there is a FORCE, a BEING that loves him and accompanies him on his long Path to Infinity.



The Will is the Force of the spirit, the true force that moves the Universe. The will of man is nothing more than the Will of the Father manifested in him, being Father or Son of the same Substance and of the same Essence. Thus, the supreme Freedom of man is in his Total Delivery to the Will of the Father, to the realization of it in thought, word and deed. Here is the wonderful paradox that liberates man. Nothing developed in leisure and inertia. The will is the triumph of the Spirit over matter. The will is to win in the small things, to be able to win in the big ones. The elevation of the higher nature over the lower one.

The Man who conquers himself is greater than the one who wins in a thousand battles, because there is no greater battle than that which is waged with himself. The Will is the greatest victory in the struggle of existence; She is the force that moves all things, the Force that accompanies Man in his Path to Infinity.

The Will is the first emanation of the ALL CREATOR, the HOLY ONE OF THE DIVINE TRINITY. The Creator Father of everything that exists.



Wisdom is the transmutation of True Knowledge, the Understanding of the essential nature of all things, and of one's own. The essence of Wisdom is not to encompass all Knowledge, but to know everything through the knowledge of one's own nature.

The wise man knows the unknown knowing his own nature, knowing that his essence is the same as everything around him, and that is in the big as in the small, being the Septenato of Man the same as the Universe, the atom and the galaxy .

All the answers to the questions posed by man underlie his own essence, and the knowledge of it must give him the keys to decipher the mysteries of the Universe, through the understanding of his own mystery. Wisdom dwells in the inner Temple of the Soul, its voice speaks in Silence and Solitude, in recollection and meditation, its light illuminates the Way of man in his Thought, Word and Work.

Wisdom is the Holy Breath, the Second Emanation of the ALL CREATOR. The Procreative Mother of Creation.



Love is the Identification and Integration with everything that exists, dying as an individuality to be reborn in each being that surrounds us, to be then one with Creation. Because you all carry the same essence in your hearts and you are made of the same substance, nourished by a single sap. You are not souls separated from one another, but you are part of the Universal Soul, of the Great All.

You are like drops of water forming the Ocean of life, Love is the union of your own Essence with that same that animates the Universe. Thus, God is PURE LOVE, because He is the very Essence of the Universe. Love is the awakening of the Cosmic Consciousness in Man, which has to unite him with the Universe and with the ALL CREATOR.

The Way of Love is to fulfill the will of the Father, and to love it above all things, in the way of Service and Surrender to others, knowing to see the Father in every being that surrounds us, plant, animal or man; worlds, suns or galaxies.

Love manifests itself in many ways, with patience and kindness towards others, with a simple gesture or a smile, with a caress of consolation or protection, with a little warmth and understanding, with service and surrender to the like, with the renunciation of one's own well-being for that of others, with the sacrifice of oneself for humanity.

You can love in a thousand ways; life can be a constant work of Love, putting a bit of Love in each day lived. A single thought of Love, a single word of Love, a single Work of Love. For Love to last in each moment of your life, and its essence to illuminate your existence.


Love is the CHRIST manifested in Man, the Third Emanation of the ALL CREATOR. The Son of the Divine Trinity.


The Evolution of Man in his Three Manifestations


Man being a harmonious whole constituted by three fundamental aspects: Body, Mind and Spirit; being the Evolution an integral process in all the manifestations of the man, he has to evolve in Body, Mind and Spirit, and the forces that he has to use in his own Elevation are those same ones that the CREATOR has given him: Will, Love and Wisdom .

The Plan of Evolution to be proposed by the Guidelines is as follows:

Physical Evolution
I) PURIFICATION - Fasts and Abstentions

Mental Evolution 
I) MENTAL ALQUIMIA - Discernment and Polarization 
II) KNOWLEDGE - Realization of Knowledge 
III) POWERS - Visualizations and faculties

Spiritual Evolution 
I) HARMONIZATIONS - Body, Mind and Spirit 
II) KNOWLEDGE OF ITSELF - Constructive Self Analysis 
III) SPIRITUAL ALCHEMY - Meditation and its realization.



Physical Evolution

I) Purification: Fasting

Just as the man who builds himself a new house, throws down the old one and raises solid foundations to build with new materials, first cleanse your body of all accumulated rot, and then build a new body, a worthy temple for the Spirit.

Fast. Choose one day out of every seven in which you will only nourish yourself with the nourishment of the spirit, and the vital force of nature will throw out of your body all that is undesirable, if you want to cleanse even the last corners of your temple, fast seven days. But seek the advice of who has more experience.

And you will see all the rottenness and abominations and all the diseases that afflict you come out of your body, and when you thus fast, even the dense vibrations of the astral matter will be eliminated, purifying also your more subtle bodies, and when the temple has been thus purified , you will build a new temple of noble materials, a dignified dwelling for the Lord of the Temple.



Vices are not pleasures, but chains that enslave. The sybarite believes to live, and is no more than a puppet with no will to be free, a foolish slave who exhibits his chains, it is because he ignores it.

But man must not be a slave to the beast that he carries in himself, but his master and master. Overcome the gluttony that thickens your body, gradually simplifying your foods, abstaining from alcohol and tobacco, because they damage not only your dense body, but also your more subtle bodies, the damage persisting beyond death. And do not let lust enslave you and steal your vitality, so that it does not get lost, and do not be like the tree whose sap does not take advantage of the trunk, and dries without bearing fruit.

Seek union with your complement only as an expression of a pure feeling, and not by a simple instinct that degrades the act. Man perverts his creative impulse even lower than the instinct of the beast, which only in the time of zeal is united to procreate.

Transmute the sexual energy to the intellect, devoting to art and study, your leisure. Towards the Feeling, sublimating your sensuality in the tenderness and kindness towards everything that surrounds you. Towards Spirituality, channeling in your meditation and elevated conceptions, your energies.

And leave aside the dissolute customs, which damage your body and your mind, dispersing without profit your energies, which you need for spiritual work. The only one that will bear fruit at the end of the day.

II) Renovation: Food

Your dense body is constantly renewed, and forms itself, with the material you give it, so you can build a new body. Give gold to your nature, and she will build you with gold; Give him lead and he will build you with lead.


Give him rotten flesh and exciting and aggressive substances, and such will be your nature, and even your physical aspect will be like her. Give him with the flesh of corpses the dense vibrations of the animal energy that animates them, and that imprison your more subtle bodies, give him thus the poisonous segregations poured into the blood of the sacrificed animal, which poison your dense body, making it easy to live the germs that swarm around you.

You will not kill neither beast nor man, nor even the food that goes through your mouth, because by killing the food you do not obtain from it life but death, and thus you contract a debt, which you will have to pay in compliance with the Law with the Animal Kingdom, which He is brother of yours.

Thus, you will have to shed human blood in wars and fratricidal struggles, as well as spilling their blood in your slaughterhouses. When the gluttony of the flesh is shaken in you, remember the decapitated heads with exorbitant eyes, of the corpses whose flesh rots in your stomach. Remember the rivers of blood that coagulate in the slaughterhouses, sprouting from corpses hung in rows. See after the pleasant appearance of the sybarite table, the disguised presentation of mutilated viscera and corpses.

Remember the toxins poured into your blood. Remember the millions of microscopic worms that flutter in the flesh you eat, dismissing the smelly and rotten smell of death, hidden with spices. Think of the terror and suffering of your little brothers, to be sacrificed for who should be his brother and is not. Remember all this, always remember it, or give your nature the pure food of Mother Earth, which the rains water and the sun season.

Give your dense body the generous fruit that springs from the earth, and nourish it with the pure energy that will give it life. Give him food that is not burned by fire or mixed by man, because what is simple and natural is the best.

And be frugal when eating, so that the dense do not trap the subtle and do not take your food when you are disturbed by bad thoughts and low emotions, because thus you poison your food and your body. And eat very slowly, like a prayer, breathing slowly and deeply, so that all the essence of the food passes to your body.

Absorbe  the vitality of water, which is the source of life and purifies your body. Breathe with fullness the hidden energy of the air of the fields, emanating from the Sun for all the creatures of the Earth, because not only of the dense food feeds the man, but also of the most subtle and pure energy of the water, of the air and of the rays of the sun

Renew your nature in this way, then your dense body will be a temple made of noble gold, a clean and pure dwelling worthy of the God who dwells in you.

III) Conservation: Natural Life

Seek the pure air of the fields and give free expansion to your body by putting science to your movements, uniting the mind to the activity of the body, and your fruits, will be three times good, in your three manifestations.


Keep your body active, thus, the internal Vital Energy will flow freely, channeling through the Energy Centers of the Dense Body and the Etheric, throughout the organism.

Keep the vertical column at all times of the day, so that the energy of the air and the earth will flow through it, and your state of mind will tend to the Harmony with the corporal state.

And remember that your body is born of Mother Earth, just as your spirit is born of the Creator Father. Live then in the bosom of your Mother, following in your life the laws of Mother Nature, and she will take care of you, and you will not know diseases, and you will be on the Good Path in the Physical Evolution.

There will then be balance in your Dense Plane, and a firm base for the work of the Spirit.

Teaching comments: Physical Evolution

Fasting cleanses the body of rottenness and keeps it healthy, eliminating all the undesirable accumulated in the body for years, from an inadequate diet. Fasting also eliminates the lower Astral matter of the Astral Body of man, coming from the carnivorous diet and the consumption of coffee, tobacco, alcohol, although a process of complete purification can take years, depending on the degree of body poisoning.

The natural medicine against diseases is fasting. The animal abstains from food when it feels sick, and the Life Force of nature gives it back its health; when fasting nature is allowed to work in the physical body and she is in charge of restoring Harmony and organic balance. In Fasting, the ties that bind the Spirit to the Dense Body are weaker, so the state is propitious to indulge in Prayer and Meditation.

Stimulants such as alcohol, coffee and tobacco, contain deleterious substances that act with greater force in the Astral Matter, damaging the delicate etheric envelope that serves as a bridge between the Etheric and Astral Bodies of man. The damage of the fabric is irreparable, and can lead to madness, hallucinations and numbness of the senses and the nervous system.

By ingesting alcohol, thousands of brain cells that never recover are destroyed, with irreversible damage to the physical brain. This pernicious influence extends even to the genetic factors of the person, generating the heavy Karma of hereditary diseases. The unpleasant emanations of the tobacco, are more noticeable in the Astral Plane, and its dense vibrations hinder the sensibility of the person and his healthy judgment, making him lose the sense of right and dignified, when he enslaves and subjugates his will in the need of vice.

There are certain physical disciplines that allow the sexual energy to be transmuted, directing it towards the Solar Plexus as a reserve, or sublimating it towards the brain, for intellectual, emotional or spiritual works.

The meats contain astral matter of animal nature, which is released in the process of Digestion, as the physical molecules disintegrate, this material gives dense vibrations to the Astral and Etheric bodies, dulling their luminosity and colors and densifying their vibrations , which hinders the receptivity to more subtle vibrations and favors the negative influences of the Lower Astral, this opens the doors to the astral germs, those that propitiate the suitable etheric medium, for the development of the physical germs, causing diseases. The dense vibrations of meats and drugs persist even after physical death, and it is very difficult to get rid of them and their negative influence on the Astral Life, in addition to the karmic conditioning they determine in permanent atoms, physical and Astral, which are the molds for the bodies of the next reincarnation.

In the Dense Plane, among the many toxins in the flesh are Escatol and Indole, poisons that cause, among others, physical fatigue in the human body; there is also a high percentage of albumin and uric acid, which promotes the development of various infectious diseases.


All meats, even fish, can carry parasites that develop in the digestive system and muscle fibers.

From the moment the animal is sacrificed, and life is cut off, the cells decompose and putrefaction begins, as in all corpses, a similar process occurs in digestion, and the meat rots in the stomach, forming a breeding ground conducive to the development of germs and bacilli. Thus man makes his stomach a living cemetery, in which the corpses of his inferior brothers rot. One of the most serious and ignored consequences of carnivorism is the karma of the blood shed of millions of animals slaughtered by men in slaughterhouses and slaughterhouses, throwing each year to the Astral Plane, millions of terrified beings, full of fear and terror towards the man. Wars are a direct karmic consequence of this organized killing of animals. The man murders his inferior brother on the scale of Evolution, forgetting that he has also lived in that Plane and that they must be human some day. In all animals, the three atoms of the lower Triad that descend from the Monad are reincarnated. With the fruits of the earth man is nourished by living cells, and dead cells with flesh. The vegetables are assimilated by fermentation forming alcohols that cleanse the organism and the flesh by putrefaction, as the decomposition of the corpse. Some give life and others, death.

In worlds more advanced than ours, food is based on extracts of fruits and vegetables, as in MORLEN (Ganymede), and even more simplified in evolved worlds such as APU, where the food is based on mineral extracts. Following even higher in the evolutionary scale, we will find worlds where the assimilation of energy is direct, through respiration and skin (Osmosis). Here on Earth there are all the degrees of the scale: from the wild anthropophagus that devours human flesh, to the evolved man who no longer eats food.

The Golden Law for the physical life of man is: LIVING IN HARMONY WITH THE LAWS OF NATURE. Following them, man must not know diseases or organic imbalances, and he will make his dense body an adequate instrument of the spirit. Man needs very little to maintain the physical body. Much of the vital energy that it needs can be obtained by direct assimilation of the hidden energy of the air, water and rays of the Sun, which is Prana and which constitutes 50% of the energy that man needs.

PRANA nourishes the physical body through the Etheric Double, which is what absorbs and distributes it through the Chakras and Energy Centers, in connection with the endocrine glands of the physical body.

It is incongruous that the man pretends to speak of love and spirituality, when he continues to murder his inferior brother, to devour his flesh.

Those who claim to be incapable of killing an animal, but have no compunction or remorse in eating their meat, assume the most comfortable attitude, and are most guilty in the eyes of the Law.

As man evolves, his diet will become increasingly pure; and his body more and more beautiful and subtle, as a harmonious instrument of the perfect spirit.

Thus the man who begins to awaken his spiritual consciousness, will stop killing his brother to devour his flesh, and will prefer a vegetarian diet.



"Do not waste time and with strength and conscience finish sharing and awakening many more, that these in turn will awaken others and thus will play their part in this great reaction that is expected of all of you, brothers of the earth."

Extract of Communication 2008.

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