Evolution Path to Infinity 
Second Part



Mental Evolution



I) Mental Alchemy: Discernment and polarization

The immensity of the Universe in all its greatness is no more than the dense manifestation of the thought of the universal mind, God, the descent into the matter of the Eternal Ideation.

As the father, your children are in you, the mind the greatest power on earth.

Seek then the dominion of the mind, and there will be nothing impossible for you in this world, but your effort must be as great as the fruit is.

Start by knowing that you are not your mind. She is of the instrument spirit, with which she manifests herself in the dense plane, through the body, your temple.

It is the spirit that dominates the mind, with the WILL, which is the force of the Spirit, the Force that moves the Universe.

So look first for the SERENITY OF THE SPIRIT, to reach later the Dominion of the Mind. Will, Love and wisdom are the three manifestations of the Creator in you. They are the great Forces that Man has to use to transmute himself on the path of Evolution.

Thus, in order to attain the Serenity of the Spirit, which will lead to the mastery of yourselves, you will have to overcome everything that opposes the free manifestation of these three forces of the Creator in man.


You will have to overcome SEPARATIVITY OR EGOICITY, that opposed to LOVE, which is the identification and integration of everything that exists, with SERVICE AND DELIVERY TO OTHERS, meditating on your essence, which is the same as everything that surrounds us, because only one is the source of everything created, to awaken in you the COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS that has to integrate us with the universe, and to understand the true meaning of LOVE.

You will have to overcome IGNORANCE, that opposed to WISDOM, with the DISCERNMENT, which is the voice of the Thinker of you, seeking the TRUE KNOWLEDGE that liberates man, when he is transmuted into wisdom with DISCERNMENT and ACTION.

Meditating on the ignored, seeking the TRUTH, to listen then to the Master who dwells in you, listen to the Voice of the Inner Wisdom, the one that will give you the true knowledge, because the TRUTH dwells in your temple, in the Temple of the Wisdom of the Spirit.

You will have to finally overcome the PASSION, that opposed to the WILL.

The Passion, which under the many facets of human feeling makes you its slaves, and of them you are toys, like the dry leaves that the breeze carries from one place to another. You will have to overcome it with the POLARIZATION, which transmutes the negative into positive, under the law of the Opposed Peers, eradicating and sublimating the one, affirming and strengthening the other.

Be like children, who do not give room in their chest to the passions, because the child, when he becomes a man, leaves aside the things of a child.

Being like a child does not mean thinking or acting as a child, but if he is a true man, he keeps the PURITY in his heart.

To be like a child is to be pure of mind and heart, is to have the mind free of dogmas and prejudices, open to the light of truth. It is to look at the woman without secret lasciviousness in the heart.

To be like a child is never to lose hope, being reborn with her every new day, in a constant renewal of himself.

To be like a child is to love things, to love life, to be happy, to have a heart free of chains, to fly on wings of fantasy to worlds where evil does not exist.

To be like a child, is to BE PURE IN THOUGHT, WORD AND WORK, they do not know of the hatred that destroys, nor of the pride that disigns. They do not know about the envy that corrodes the soul, nor the selfishness that impoverishes the spirit.

They do not know the evil that degrades man, nor the ambition that enslaves and blinds him.



Put LOVE where there is evil and hatred, returning good for evil, and goodness for evil.

Be humble with the proud, as is the wise before whom he ignores, and thirst even more with those who are humble, to learn from them.

Be generous with the egoist, and you will teach him with deeds, help the realization of what you envy, and thus the good will be your happiness, because you will know that it takes something from you, and then it will be your happiness to seek the happiness of those around you.

Make the light of Truth shine, where the shadows of ignorance and error reign, not only with words, but by living it.

POLARIZED ALWAYS, do it even when you do not feel it fully, because each time you do so, you will deepen the furrow in your spirit, and the seed will bear its fruit.

Then the vibration will already be yours, and it will persist to death, because it is recorded in the spirit. You will then be able to awaken the same vibration in those around you, because only the path that has been traveled can be taught. And so, when you have realized the Alchemy of the Mind, and attaining the Serenity of the Spirit, which will lead you to the Mastery of yourselves, you will also use the magic of breath, as a complement to that of the Spirit.

Breathing, Concentration and Meditation
Breathing wisely as the Masters teach, slowly, deeply, following the rhythm of your heart, inhaling in six palpitations, holding in three and exhaling in six, waiting three to start again.


Seven times seven breaths, and the dispersions of the mind will cease by themselves, so you will attain the state of concentration, the key that will open all the doors of the mind.

For just as the rays of the sun ignite fire concentrated by the lens, so the rays of the mind concentrated by the Will awaken the Power, in the correct and the abstract, in the external and the internal.

And once reached the Concentration, you will have access to Meditation.

You will meditate on the values ​​and the virtues, on everything that enriches the Spirit, you will meditate on yourselves, on your Eternal and Divine Essence, perfect and immutable, which is nothing but the concentration on the things of the Spirit, and you will thus arrive at the Identification with the UNIVERSAL FATHER. Then you will make of your lives, a work dedicated to the realization of your will, with each one of your thoughts, each of your words, each one of your works.

II) Knowledge: Realization of True Knowledge

Seek true Knowledge, that which the Masters preserve for those who seek the Path.

Seek the Knowledge that ennobles the thought and enriches your life, the one that frees you from the darkness of ignorance, and elevates man towards a clearer and more luminous understanding of his own essence, and that of the Universe.

Seek with Discernment and Intuition, which are the Ways that lead to the truth, and thus extract the essence of Knowledge, essence that is Wisdom, Light that shines in the inner Temple of the Soul. True Knowledge will speak to you about the Path, the Masters and the White Brotherhood, the Cosmic Christ and the ALL CREATOR.


True Knowledge will make you understand the Sense of your Existence and that of Creation, it will make you know your nature and your essence, and the Mysteries of the Universe, with the understanding of your own mystery.

Knowledge will teach you to better channel your efforts on the Path of Evolution, so that they do not get lost in a vacuum, like blows that occur in the dark.

So that your footsteps may be firm on the Path, and not the hesitant walk of the blind man who ignores. Knowledge will make you know the Laws that govern the Universe and man, so that you use your Force in your elevation.

Knowledge is not given of its Essence if it is a dead letter, or only intellectual erudition, Knowledge lives and becomes Force when it is realized in ACTION, and illuminates the Path when it lives with it, and in it.

And then his Essence becomes the Truth, that Light that destroys the shadows forever, and sets man free, and raises him ever closer to his CREATOR.

So that he knows his Origin, and his destiny, and the reason of the Creation, thus, the Truth is the Essence of the True Knowledge, of that which is experience in its Realization.

Transmuting with the Creative Alchemy of ACTION, under the light of Discernment and Intuition.

III) Powers: Visualizations

Imagination is the creative power of the Mind, it is who creates a mental visualization, a thought form made of mental matter.

You can vitalize the image with the Willpower, so that it lives and carries within itself the Force, and projects its vibrations in the Dense Plane.

If the vibration is clear, it has the Force, the image of the abstract has to crystallize into facts.

The thoughts are born in the mind before manifesting in Works under the rule of the Will so that they come to life, they are a powerful means of the domain of the events, of the circumstances and of the own Destiny.

Faculties When the Alchemy of the Mind has been realized, and also that of the Spirit, awakened in man asleep faculties, and a new sensibility opens the doors to unknown worlds, and he can see then beyond his eyes, and hear more beyond your ears.

He can go beyond the distance, and understand beyond his senses, but this awakening occurs only when his moment has come, under the watchful eyes of the Master, so that this awakening is not an instrument of evil, but delivered to the Service of the Good and the Truth.

He guides man in the use of his faculties, those awakened by spiritual work, as the fruit that falls by its own weight.


Teaching comments: Mental Alchemy



The Power of the Mind is nothing more than its ability to manifest the Force of the Spirit, which is the WILL. She is the true Force that moves the Universe, and she is the one that acts in the Power of the Mind. From here the teaching. Although mental control can be achieved with the breathing and Concentration simply, the results are in many cases superior, when they are the fruit of the Spiritual Evolution, when the mastery of oneself is first realized, the Serenity of the Spirit, as the masters teach.

Powerful weapons in the Alchemy of the Mind are Discernment and Polarization, as part of the process that leads to the serenity of the Spirit.

Discernment is the First Quality that the Masters ask of those who aspire to the Path, and Polarization, which implies rhythm, is one of the fundamental Laws that govern creation, manifested in the Law of the Opposite Couple, and in nature. Binary of all things.

These laws, which are Natural forces, are here applied in a practical way in mind control and the purification of the Conduct, opposing a positive contrary Force to a negative, to sublimate or transmute it into the Opposite Pole.

In the Law of Polarization, besides the rhythm, the Law of vibration is implied, in which the Similar attracts the Similar, and is the Foundation of the Teaching: "Think well and your Works will be good; think bad, and you will act badly. Well you work as you think, and as you think, you are ".

The mind can be renewed, because it is formed by the mental vibrations of thoughts. Just as the mind is constantly modified by present thinking, it traces the lines of the force of future thinking. The thinking of today is the fruit of yesterday and the seed of future thinking.

Each thought is a seed that bears fruit with time, and according to what man sows now, he will reap tomorrow. Thus, according to the good or bad Polarization of his thoughts, man is attracted to influences and forces of the same nature, being himself the cause and responsible for his fate, and the conditions that surround him in daily life, in addition to the karmic conditionings that accompany it.

Man is then, the founder of his destiny. And his life is largely determined and influenced by the lines of force that he is projecting with his thoughts and actions; and actions are nothing but the descent into matter of a mental vibration, the crystallization of a thought conceived before action. It is in the mind where the key to human development lies, the greatest power that man possesses.

And it is because she is the instrument of the Spirit, the manifestation of the FORCE OF WILL.

True knowledge is the heritage of humanity, preserved throughout its Evolution by the Masters of the White Brotherhood, and transmitted to man at certain stages of his evolution, thus receiving the necessary light to illuminate his Way.


Only that sincere seeker of truth can reach it, with the purity of intention and true desire to know, to live. He will be guided by the Masters of the Path, to the Sources of Hidden Knowledge. In his search for Truth, man finds diverse sources of information and knowledge, and this heterogeneous variety confuses and disorients him, rather than illuminating his understanding.

He must then use the method of analogy, which is the best recognized system in the search for Truth. Comparing, establishing relationships and analogies, with Discernment and Intuitive Analysis.

Thus, the comparative study of the religions makes him see his similar Essence, and the Knowledge of the White Brotherhood, corroborates that all of them have the same origin, and emanate from a single source. This understanding leads him to a universalist criterion, which binds him to all the men of the earth, futilely discarding barriers and prejudices, which lack meaning for the one who knows.

Knowledge of the Universal Laws that govern the Creation, also allows you to use the Force that moves the Universe, in its own Evolution, and its firmest and safest steps on the Path, because it knows the ground it is treading and because it knows that the force accompanies.

He is channeled into the Great Stream of Life that emanates from the ALL CREATOR, and for him the obstacles cease to be. This Faith in the Force born of Knowledge, can take man towards horizons without limits, beyond his human possibilities, beyond Space and Time, towards INFINITY.

The mental interaction is even stronger than the physical. By relating two people, each of them influenced by the mental vibrations of the other, and generates a vibrational response to that invisible influence. This constitutes, together with the auric vibrations, that indefinable something that moves us away or brings us closer to the people around us.


Visualization being an image of mental matter, formed by waves of electromagnetic nature, its vibrations tend to attract others of a similar nature, following the Law of Vibration; thus, the response obtained to the emission of certain mental waves is of the same nature as them. Hence the practical power of defined and vigorous visualization, which attracts circumstantial physical and mental conditions for its crystallization into a concrete fact.

It is an image that must sprout in your mind, when you seek to make a thought or a projected plan come true, coming alive with the force of the mind. But not only to form it, but to live it creating it with certain mental actions, in such a way that your thought projects its creative energy manifested in lines of force, which will determine its densification in the physical plane of the objective reality, in a replication more exact more perfect and intense be there in the plane of your thoughts.

When the mind of man has achieved this, he can get his thoughts and ideas to be shaped as he wishes, in concrete actions that are but a consequence of his previous visualization in mental matter. And this is nothing more than the manifested effect of the creative cause. This is how the Creator gives form and life to the Universe, visualizing it in his Mind, and gives it movement with the Force of his Will. If at any moment he stopped exercising his Will, the entire universe would disintegrate into thought.

Concentration and Meditation lead over time, to more subtle experiences in the Higher Planes, and gradually develop extra-sensory powers.

When man has reached a certain degree of mental and spiritual development, he awakens in himself new faculties.

Man has to look not only for mental development but essentially for the spirit, because otherwise what should be an instrument for service to others could be for the wrong ends, which are obstacles in the Spiritual Path.

Thus, the powers are the fruit matured by the spiritual Evolution itself, as part of everything that comes in addition, when man rises above his lower nature.

When man needs his powers for his best evolutionary development, and not before, to happen his gradual awakening, under the watchful eyes of the one who takes care of his steps, and guides them on the straight path, without being aware of that guiding force that takes care of their spiritual progress.

Once mental control has been achieved, which implies the spiritual unfoldment, which is the firm basis of the awakening of the faculties in man, he will be able to venture into the use of his powers, which are already beginning to manifest themselves in this precursor race of a new It was, and will make good use of them, illuminating their understanding by the Wisdom of the Spirit.



Spiritual Evolution


I) Harmonization: Body, mind and spirit

Seek peace in body, mind and spirit, and you will be thus at peace with your fellowmen and with God. Look for it constantly, in every moment of the daily journey, without allowing anything to disturb your effort, and if that happens, start again with perseverance, so that it takes root, and becomes part of your nature.

Watch how you play, how a child sleeps, and learn the lesson of Harmony.

Free your body from tensions, the state of the body induces that of the mind, and the state of the mind induces the body. Relax, breathe in calm serenity, and maintain such a state at all times, and even more when circumstances can unbalance your harmony.

The force of the breath will give peace to your body, if it is deep and slow, and follows the rhythm of your heart, and the will will give peace to your mind, polarizing your thoughts, so that they follow the rhythm that oscillates towards the good side of things.

Be like children. They do not poison your mind with the passions that destroy harmony, polarize when they are agitated, using the Force of polarization manifested in the universe, and you will dominate the emotions with the mind. Do it always and at all times of the day, in a constant improvement of yourselves, in thought, word and deed.

Follow the rhythm and Polarization of the Universe, in the beings and things that surround you, until Harmony and Peace come with you.

II) Self-knowledge: When starting a new day


When the dawn arrives and a new day begins, seek a moment of peace to listen to your Soul. Deepen yourselves to where it dwells, and listen to it, grasp its first vibration, the most beautiful melody that the Soul interprets. There in the depths of yourselves there is only Will, Love and Wisdom. There you will only find the good and the perfect, and that is what you are in your essence.

Take the best of what there beats, the best of yourselves, and come back to start the new day with it. Then they will be three times good because today the fruits that it brings each day, because they will carry the pure sap of your best essence. Thus, seek in each day the good essence, which treasures your spirit, there in the deepest of yourselves, and season with it your fruits, and live this day as the best of your life.

Concentrate all your energies, to live intensely these few hours that you have ahead, since the Aurora tea wakes up, until the restful sleep calls you.

Forget yesterday and leave tomorrow for its moment, forget your mistakes but remember the experience, and if you have to remember, remember only good things that illuminate this day, because it is foolish to carry today, the burden of yesterday.

Live fully this day, because today is the most beautiful gift you have, because life is an Eternal Present, and make every day your prayer to Life, to Love, to Joy. A Hymn to the ALL CREATOR.

At the beginning of the day
When you are in the journey of daily life, be AWARE, Walker, of each of your steps, to walk the paths that brings each day.


Listen at each moment of the daily journey, the Voice of the Conscious internal Being, that speaks to you in each beat of your heart, in each of your eyes, in each sound. She whispers in the air that you breathe, and speaks to your ears in everything that surrounds you, listen to her amid the tumult and turmoil of daily life; Never forget her.

She is a source of Wisdom and Strength, and she only asks you to listen for an instant every day, keep your ears always attentive to the Voice of the Inner Wisdom, and open your heart to deep reflection. Man lives in thought, word and deed, then give a reason to each of your thoughts, to each of your words, to each of your works. May they be the fruit of your Will, and carry the sap of your Consciousness.

You are not the inert stone that lies in the road, nor the dry leaves that the wind carries, you are free, because your Will guides you. Life is a constant opportunity to be better, in small things, in dealing with your fellow men, in your thoughts, in your words, in your works, in the struggle for life.

At every moment of the daily journey, Walker, be aware of your steps.

At the end of the day
And at the end of the day, when the day is over and you seek rest for the body, dedicate a few moments of your time, to examine your conscience.

Revive in your mind what you have experienced in the day that ends, the good and the bad of what you have done, your thoughts, your words, your deeds. When evaluating your actions, thoughts and words, do not do it in the faithful of the human balance. Go to the judge who dwells in you, he who is, knows and knows everything about you and he will give you the just and wise sentence, with the voice of conscience that speaks to the heart, the one that will speak for you at the end of the day .

And do not lament the evil that you could have done, because that destroys, more learn yes, and amend your mistakes, so your experience will grow and the mistakes made will never be again.

It is not wrong to fall into failure, but to fall back into it, repeatedly, because then you can not say that you did not know, and even greater mistake is not knowing anymore, deciding to get up when it has fallen, because that is cowardice. So, do not regret your mistakes, and start again, because life is an Eternal beginning. At the end of a horizon there is always a new one, and where a road ends another begins.

And extract the best of the good that you have done, to keep it as a treasure in your heart, accumulate there such treasures, and you will be rich, and no one will be able to take away such wealth, not even death that destroys matter, because that wealth is of Spirit, and it is there where you are. And in truth, it is the only wealth that you can take from this world.

Do not treasure riches in your golden coffers, because the father will not look there at the time of the Accounts, but in the coffers of the Soul.

Analyze the work of each of your days, and learn from it, and thus you will know a little of your nature, and you will come to the knowledge of yourselves. And so every day of yours, TODAY will be better than your YESTERDAY, and less than your TOMORROW.

And if you really are honest with yourselves, you will be better than you are each day. Your life is like a canvas on which you record your works, draw lines and create colors and nuances with your thoughts, words and deeds, and each of them leaves its mark on the Book of Life.

And at the end of the day, when you finish your journey through the earth, you will stop at the threshold of the World to contemplate your work, and you will see reflected in it all that you did.

Your most recondite thoughts, your most silent words, your smallest acts, will have left their mark on the book of Life. See what you have put, and you will have to put on your canvas, because of all of that you will be the judges.

And there is no more severe judge, than man when he judges himself, nor worse hell than that created by his Conscience. Because the Father loves us above all, but man does not know the Divine Pardon.

III) Spiritual Alchemy: Meditation and realization

In the transmutation of your Spirit, it is the Meditation, the Alchemy that you need. By conjuring your magic you will be transported to wonderful worlds, where only the TRUTH reigns, the Eternal and immutable, the Perfect and Pure.


Seek Solitude and Silence, calm your dense body with the Force of the Breath, breathing with the rhythm of your heart, slowly and deeply, until the modifications of the mind cease, and then concentrate your attention.

Release your Spirit, let it be free for a moment, and like the bird to which the doors of its prison are opened, it will joyfully undertake the swift flight towards the subtle dimensions of its origin. Break the chains that bind you to your dense body, forgetting the body and everything that surrounds you.

Center the Will, transcend the body and the mind, until you are alone with yourselves, until everything is only PURE CONSCIOUSNESS, until the Eternal Being remains alone.

You release. You liberate as one who sheds heavy garments, and feels free and light as the wind. Free to transport you to higher levels of consciousness, to subtle dimensions where alone or beautiful and pure can exist, where everything is true, where Peace and Serenity reign. Concentrate Fix your mind on something elevated, on what you love and represents the best for you. Meditate on that. Deepen your meaning, your essence.

Identify yourself fully with the object of your meditation, until being ONE with it, without anything separating you. Then you will understand, you will really know, because you are with it a single being. Meditate on your essence, which is the same as the Universe that surrounds you, the smallest and the greatest are the same in Essence, because they were created from the same substance.

The drop of water is equal to the sea in essence, in you lies the Divinity itself. Like the drop in the sea, your Essence is Divine, and it expands looking for its real Dimension. Go to the Source of Light and Wisdom that flows incessantly in the Temple of the Spirit, and drink of it. Go to the Masters who love you and wait for you, and learn from them.

Ask and it will be given to you, ask for the Truth, and then listen to the words that the lips of Wisdom have for each one of you. They are the words you need and you can understand, because they know what you need and can receive, because they know you well, even better than you know yourselves. Listen and learn, and then REALIZE THE LEARNED, transmuted knowledge into Wisdom, taking the received teaching to action, so that it is not a dead letter, or hollow words that leave no trace in the Book of Life.

Because Meditation without realization in the meditated, is like a tree without fruits, like the dry fig tree whose trunk does not flow the sap of Life. Even the most beautiful dream stops being a dream if it does not come true, and

A purpose is good if it is not followed by action. It will not do you any good to meditate on the TRUTH, if you continue to lie, without living according to what you believe.

It will do you no good to meditate on LOVE, if you continue to hate, and do not give a little of yourselves to those around you.

And it will not do you any good to meditate on the WILL, if you continue to fall into little things, and do nothing to overcome your weaknesses, or work to improve yourselves.

It is useless to seek the Masters if you do not follow their teachings, and in truth they will not give their substance to those who do not know how to preserve it. Because pearls are not thrown to pigs.

Meditate to then do the meditated. This is the Alchemy of the Spirit, then you can look for the Master who dwells in you, the one who always guides your steps, the one who speaks to your heart, and whispers to your ears, the one who sees in the child of your eyes, and breath in your breath

You will look for him who is yourselves, the INTERNAL CHRIST that sustains your essence, that one, perfect and Immutable, as the CREATOR FATHER. He seeks to be in you, open the doors of your heart, so that his light floods the deepest corners of your soul, and the shadows flee forever.

And the Light becomes greater and greater in your Souls, becoming your White Vestments, and then you will be your own Master, your own Guardian in the Way of Life ".


Teaching comments: Spiritual Evolution

In the Harmonization of the Dense Body, the key is the deep and rhythmic breathing with the beating of the heart. By following the rhythm of his palpitations, man is identified with the vital rhythm of Nature, which acts in its biological cycle, and this parity with the rhythm of the Universe itself, harmonizes it with the Force that moves it, and sustains its own essence.


When it is concentrated, breathing by itself becomes slow and deep. The process is also reversible: the rhythmic and deep breathing relaxes the body and calms the mind, ceasing its own modifications, which leads to the state of Concentration.

With the magic of breath, man can maintain a state of calm serenity and control of himself, if he also harmonizes his mind with the positive polarization of his thoughts.

At the beginning of each day, man must take the best of himself to start the day with it; his virtues, his best triumphs, his best moments; forgetting mistakes and failures but retaining their experience.

He has to deepen in himself to understand that his true nature is perfect and immutable, and that only the good and positive is true in all the baggage of life that he leads.


He must understand that all bad and imperfect are transitory manifestations, which must be left behind in the constant perfecting of himself, to leave only the perfect, pure, which are his True Essence. And that essence of his is what man has to take to start each new day.

During the daily journey, man must always remember this, and listen to the inner voice of the conscious Higher Self, which speaks to him in everything that surrounds him, and constantly reminds him of his True Nature and the meaning of Existence, which must be the constant manifestation of this its essence, in its thought, word and deed.

And when the day is over, man has to examine his conscience and look for the reason of his works, to know himself; or more exactly to know that transient personality, animated now by the perfect and immutable Spirit. He must understand that the negative aspects of his personality are false illusory manifestations of spiritual perfection, and that he must destroy errors and defects as illusions that are, seeking the ever more complete total manifestation of the Spirit in all its purity: This analysis of itself, does not have to do with external or conventional criteria, but with the wisdom of his own consciousness, because she is the end of the day, which gives the relative value to the things of life, and it is which will render the accounts at the end of the day for the Earth.

The Conscience of man is his own Judge and his own executioner.

What food is for the Physical Body, is Meditation, for the Spirit. Meditation nourishes the Spirit with the strength of the Higher Planes, and allows it to live a few instants of True Reality, very different from the Illusory Reality that surrounds man and separates him from the true meaning of Existence.

Meditation elevates man to the subtlest planes of Consciousness, and brings him closer to the Masters, who always wait for these moments when he brings their vibrations to theirs, to instruct and nourish his spirit with the Force of the Divine that they are carriers, so that he may continue in his struggle for life with a new vision and a different approach to his energies, towards increasingly spiritual goals, and therefore less illusory.

Meditation is not only performed in Silence and Solitude, but also in the midst of the tumult and turmoil of daily life. Everyone who during a moment of the day dedicates a thought or action to a spiritual goal, is meditating, and fulfilling the Divine Will. He is truly living. And these instants can be prolonged more and more in daily life, in order to make of Existence a life dedicated to the Father, a song eternal to the CREATOR.

Meditation would have no meaning if it does not lead to the practice of the meditated, and its Force is only illusory if it is not manifested in the thought, word and work of the meditator.

Thus, the steps to follow in Spiritual Alchemy must be: Meditation and realization. Meditation in the desired aspect, followed by the realization of the fruit of Meditation. Only thus will the seed sown in the spirit by the CREATOR bear fruit, until it is also a source of infinite life.

The spiritual work in the Dense Plane is no more than the true manifestation of the Force of the Spirit, which imposes itself on the heavy yoke of the flesh that keeps it prisoner, but that allows it to acquire the necessary experience in the different planes of manifestation for those who are to be transported on their Path to INFINITY.

It is necessary that the DISCERNMENT OF THE SPIRIT sheds some light on the understanding of Man, so that it illuminates then his Thought, Word and Work, and can these his Three Manifestations, be at the service of the True Sense of Existence: THE EVOLUTION.



The Sole Law: If you want to condense into one the laws of Evolution, a single Law that by following it will inevitably lead you to the FATHER, here it is:




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