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Estrella Rama

Applications. Tools to convert words to number, to find out number of days of current year, etc


Contact Outings

    Contact Experiences with Extraterrestrials and Masters of the Great White Brotherhood

    World Reunions Contact with ET Guides and the White Brotherhood  with invitations to the world

Communications from our Extraterrestrial, Intraterrestrial and other Guides. 1974 to present

Cosmic Hierarchy

    Galaxy Elders

    Morlen's Council

    Nine of Andromeda

Cosmic Plan.  The plan followed by the Extraterrestrial brothers in which our humanity plays a central rol 

Cosmic Termination ( 2 characters ending of the Cosmic Name )


Guides in the Rama Mission

    Extraterrestrial Guides (Guides of the Rama Mission)

    Intraterrestrial Guides

            ( Great White Brotherhood )

    Other Guides

    Guides Academies

    Images of the Extraterrestrial and Intraterrestrial Guides


Path to Infinity a guide to our evolution given by our Extraterrestrial and Intraterrestrial brothers. Path to Infinity 2



Rama Mission


Terminology of the Rama Mission


White Vestments Book Pages with symbols received from the Great White Brotherhood

Works.  Some of the main works of love of sending energy to where is needed done by Rama groups