The Great White Brotherhood (GWB)

Thousands of years ago, 32 extraterrestrial beings representing different civilizations united under the forces of LIGHT, came to Earth to found the Positive Internal Government, seeking to antagonize the dark forces that were misleading man through ignorance and deception .

The great white ship landed in the ancient Shamo desert, the current Gobi in Mongolia. The legendary Shambhala, Agharta and other underground cities evoke the Mother City that at that time founded the Confederation of the Star.

As we see, the first generation of the White Brotherhood was composed of extraterrestrial visitors. Then it was the Atlantean Priests who assumed the post - the second generation "mestiza" or "hybrid" - and, finally, it would be that man (our humanity) - the third and last generation - who should take the responsibility of assuming his position as civilization number 33.

Currently the operations center of G.W.B. It is located in South America, where they guard millennial archives that speak of the true Humanity's history.


List of the Intraterrestrial Guides of the GWB