Approximately 25,000 years ago, the adverse effects produced by the deported beings of Maldek began to affect what was considered another experimental promising hybridization: Atlantis.

Humans in Atlantis had maintained a close connection with extraterrestrial civilizations and followed a different path from other less culturally advanced populations on the planet. It seems that the influence of the Atlanteans had been limited to letting other parts of the world unfold at their own pace. After a period of harmony in the Atlanta civilization, there were divisions, and finally the fall of Atlantis occurred about 10,000 and 12,000 years ago.

Many myths of deluge and survival make us remember this event. One of these is the myth in the epic of Gilgamesh in which the story of Utnapishtim is described (the biblical personification of Noah was derived from this story).

The Estekna-Manés, descendants of Atlantis, are the guardians of the archives.