In the Universe exist all kinds of life forms, the Extraterrestrials have all kinds of looks, the one that have visiting us have faces like a feline, a bird, etc, some even have bodies of energy only but the guides selected to be our guides look like us.

Some of the images of the Extraterrestrial and Intraterrestrial Guides that have been drawn from memory and others using psychographic communications.

Abudamir, Intraterrestrial Master

Alcir, an Intraterrestrial Master 

Amani. Maestra

 Anitac. Guide.


Antar Sherat.

Antar, Guide



Antarel, Guide


Astar. Guide.

Meth. Guide.


Oscim. Guide.



Soloviac. Guide.

 Oxalc. Guide.

Rumilac. Guide.

Soromez. Intraterrestrial Guide.

Xenon. Guide.


Cover of the first RAMA book published and distributed free of charge.



Drawing swowing height of a person from Ganymide (Jupiter's moon), one from earth, and one from the Planet Apu in Alpha Centauri.