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 After that, work began again and we raised our sensibility at the door, once again things were confirmed about why the circumstances had arisen so that only 7 Uruguayans were working there, little by little we were putting the puzzle pieces together, after that practice a regression occurred and Rubén Correa received the following:


 (Excerpt from Rubén's personal report): "There is a regression up to 15,000 years and even further back, and at -500 years ago I perceive myself as a Spanish conqueror, at -2,000 years ago as being very close to the master and we were persecuted by some Roman soldiers or something similar, at 5,000 years ago I saw myself with a red helmet and inside a very bright place, at -12,000 years ago I found myself in the place (Hayumarca), as if lying on a stone, which looked like an altar looking towards the door's area.

 After that I work with on myself on a new practice, and I mentally received from guide Sampiac: that possible contact would occur that night after 24 hours.

 When we did a group talk, Siki, one of the companions receives that the seven of us had to be there at this time because in the past it was the seven of us ourselves who participated in the construction of the place, keeping information which should be released astrally at this time.

 I found that in each job that was done I received symbols and guidelines, that a xendra portal could be opened and a possible contact with the guides or the white brotherhood.  

 Through a new confirmation it showed me that experience could be given to three people, Siki, me and Livio, I communicated it to him and he tells me: let's say, if so, we will have more confirmations and the person will feel it, let's be silent for now...

 Thus, one after another, the confirmations were telling us about a past that linked us to that place and it gave me that feeling from the moment we arrived at the place, something I felt inside me that took me back to the past...

 In a new conversation, we sat in a circle, and my position was facing the door, there I again asked for confirmation as to why the seven from Uruguay were there, and to confirm if we had been in the past related to the place as it had been received, all of the sudden a small falcon perches on the rocks above the door, and after a few moments, the bird takes flight and remains as this type of birds usually do floating in the air, when I observe the flight of the bird, in the sky and out of nowhere, a giant map of Uruguay had been formed with clouds, crossed by seven horizontal lines, and the bird just stopped, flapping and floating in the area that would be represented by the department of Treinta y tres in my country, and of which three members of the trip come from that department, below these lines I expose the aforementioned photo:


 Incredibly, my questions were answered instantly, and with astonishing forcefulness, and this gave me great internal security, knowing and feeling that we were doing the right thing at the right time and in the right place.


Below is an excerpt from the personal report of the sister in the group:

 Extract from Siki's personal report: New sensitivity meditation at the door:

 I sat in that place, which attracted me so much, and It seemed like I was on an air mattress and I felt very hot, even though it was in the shade. I felt clearly a ray of light from my back, which was impossible, since the door was already completely on the shadow (facing east). Then, I saw a room with columns and I went out to the astral. I remember part of it, because I saw that above the mountain that was in front, a ship was coming towards us, and I saw Livio with his hat on him, smiling and looking up.

 I heard clearly: "Two will have contact today, but it will not be in front of the door." I saw the place and knew who would have said contact. Then it was confirmed. We moved a few meters and we remain in a circle around the star, while Livio would guide us in a regression (meditation). I was totally unaware from the infinity of signs and symbols related to the topic, which Rubén had found and confirmed for the supposed contact that night. I had no idea that through them, he sensed that that night, I too should participate in the contact experience.  


Then after a good relaxation, Livio began to guide us back in time. For me, it was strange and clarifying. From the beginning I clearly perceived brother Tell-Elam. I felt it almost physical, there, watching us do our work. When we went back about 2000 years ago, I saw myself as a woman with an almost decayed appearance, although she would not be more than 37 years old; she was sitting in the slopes of a hill and at least 300 meters away. I saw Master Jesus himself, who was speaking to his disciples and other people; The strange thing was that at that distance I clearly felt his words of love, which urged us to seek the Father, to be a living example. Suddenly, someone who I felt was like my blood brother and a little older than me, extended his hand to me. When I looked at him, I saw that it was Sixto.

My impression was enormous, since a year ago in Paysandú I had a very strange feeling when I saw him in the eyes, as if of recognition. Then 5000 years further back, until we reach 12,000 years ago and even 15,000 years ago. I saw myself as an Atlante, I was over two meters tall, I was a kind of engineer or architect and had the ability to work only with the mind. I saw the entire place where the door is today, but at sea level and very fertile... There was only a large mound, it is the one where the door is today. I investigated that place, coming to the conclusion that it was correct. The door is built of: mud and clay, mind and heart. I saw myself in a room where we were receiving instructions to build it. Great was my surprise when I looked around me...

And there were seven of us!!! The scene was changing rapidly. I saw Gustavo building the columns; I saw Natalia and Livio build a moon and a sun, then embed it in the ground; It seemed like a seal, a symbolism. It was funny to see myself as a man; I saw Gustavo tall, thin and handsome; Natalia much taller; Rubén with dark skin and a very strange appearance; Livio with shoulder-length hair, straight and mahogany, copper skin; and Edward as a robust and pretty blonde woman. I couldn't see Lorena well. She was like that she hid within herself and had a rather feminine tendency.


 I saw myself carving with energy, golden triangles in the floor. Then the scene changed again; It was like that more than 100 years had passed. The destruction had come and gone. I saw us outside, looking at the beautiful door, which was of bluish energy, and the valley now had a very desolate appearance, and part of that area had been destroyed. Then I felt that we had a mission. We entered, and I toured part of its passageways. Spacious stairs that joined the gigantic network of tunnels.


 I saw myself leaving the Cueva de los Tayos (Ecuador) and also in the Roncador. In a later meditation, I saw myself leaving the same cave and crossing an indigenous tribe who, seeing me different, attacked me, but I created a dome around me and walked among them without paying attention to them. I was looking for an element: the one that corresponded to me for the formation of the disc that we had to create. I approached a stream, and from the bed I extracted a golden triangle, which upon returning, transmitting my energy, I saw every moment come to life and gain more shine. The seven of us in a circle emitted a lot of energy from us, in different tones. Floating between us, a large disk approximately one meter in diameter formed and about 20 cm. of thickness. There, carved into energy-wrought symbols, is a vast information. Then, facing what is today the door, but from inside, the seven of us began to emit energy, making it much denser (so much so that today we touch it and it is a rock). Only who is  capable of opening his mind and heart could freely pass through the mud and clay. There, and before leaving, we knew we would return, when Gaia (Earth) was almost ready, to take the step and reconnect with real time.

Here, Livio was already bringing us back, and I stopped at about 700 years ago, where I saw myself as a mature-aged man, priest or shaman, who from above observed the door, knowing perfectly well what it symbolizes and contains. It seems that this being managed to detach itself from the places. He knew that his spirit, in a new body, would return to that place to definitively close "that" circle in his evolution. That the seven of us would return...." 



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