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 The image of that place is overwhelming when you are just arriving and seeing the landscape with your own eyes. We took down all the luggage and got ready to set up the tents, but it turned out that we realized that one of the tents had been lost, making from memory we remembered that it was forgotten on the last bus that took us from Tacna to Chucuito, the only tent that is for four people was set up and the seven of us had to fit in it. Immediately after this we carried out a harmonization of the place and I personally requested permission from the guardians and regents of the place to carry out our work there.

 As the afternoon progressed, one and another dynamic and already known practices were carried out, and more and more guidelines were received among the companions, to put together and understand why so many delays and disagreements had arisen, and little by little we began to understand... only 7 from Uruguay there in Hayumarca.

 In mental projections inside the door a group member was able to capture how, through galleries moved and reached under the lake himself and he saw it from its lower part, it turned out that in a break we were taking, one of the lieutenants or guards of the area, who live there very nearby in the community, named Abdom Quispi, tells us something that would confirm the experience of the companion that was projected under the lake, Abdom without us asking him anything, he begins to tell us that last year a man who he called a "spiritualist" arrived in Hayumarca, and this man entered through a cavern behind the door in the mountain, after fasting for a couple of days, and disappeared for a while.

 The period of two days, leaving through the same place he entered... he returned reporting that walking through narrow galleries, which later became wider, he found "people" there who guided him to the lower part beneath Lake Titicaca. , when we heard that we looked at each other since it was the same thing that our partner had seen in the mental projection.

 The guard also told us that in the area the place it is known as the devil's door... and when he saw that we had already set up the tent and we told him that we would stay there for two days, his eyes widened in surprise, because he told us that no one stayed there, and that every night they felt strange noises, voices and music coming from inside the door; After Abdom and some children who came with him left us alone again, we returned to our work, in a communication reception we received the following:


08-11-07. Time: 18.30

 "Work individually at the door and others support by radiating pink energy from the heart, what each person receives will put together the puzzle."

 Thus we went one by one to do the dermo-optics practice at the door and the rest radiated as the guides suggested, and we felt sensations that were providing us with concrete data to understand many things. 

 Here is an excerpt from Siki's (Elentiel) personal report: "... while we were mantralizing in front of the door, I felt a voice that suggested to me: "Be the first or the last to go up. " It happened spontaneously that I was the first, while the others supported me. I felt how the rock changed its temperature and aroma; from inside I felt a soft "OM"... But I also knew that that night, it was better for me to go to bed early, calm and without any expectations. Then the others continued. It was impossible for me to close my eyes, so I saw next brother Edward, how he melted into the stone; and in the stone, I saw a multicolored butterfly forming; Next to Naty I saw a being (someone who left this plane some time ago) trying to help her and like the others, he radiated her in the seven main chakras, plus the crystals. 

While I mentally transmitted my support, I felt. how that being turned to me and said: "Don't worry; When I return it will no longer be the same. Yes, he will make it."... Then I saw Pepe transformed into an Inca warrior, much taller than he really is. Around Rubén I only saw energy and I felt that he was mentally conditioned for having been on the mission for a short time. On Livio I saw two very bright hands, which were holding his head. I felt strongly that he must go towards the crack that outlines the door on the right side, if we look at it from the front; because of that attraction, and that is where the masculine energy is concentrated.

 There I felt a lot of energy and also, it seemed to me that that special circle closed completely behind me, while the rock changed its temperature and texture. Intuition made me know that the contact would not be that day, but the next day....'


 And here is Lorena's personal report: When my turn came, I climbed the hill where the gate is and I knew beforehand what my position would be on it because I felt that way; by supporting the brothers who passed before me. I felt that my attitude should be one of surrender, and so I did so on my knees with my head pressed against the door and my palms resting on it.


 When I went up I became very agitated, and that took my breath away from concentrating, but after a few minutes I began to mentally mantralize. I began to feel a lot of heat in my hands, so much so that it was like it was burning and I instantly doubled over and entered the door. 


 Upon entering, as I didn't see anything, I got scared and began to ask for Master Jesus. When ordering with him I began to have a telepathic conversation; I don't know if it was him or another guide, I don't think it was him because the emotion would have been incredible. I was invited to enter the intraterrestrial city, it was an invitation to stay there, that is where I belong. So I responded that at the moment I had a lot to do on this side since I understand that I have a lot to give and learn here, and I also want to be on this side because it was what I chose before coming to this reincarnation.


 I said goodbye saying that I wanted to leave the place for another brother to pass by. The guides supporting us at all times with their ships behind us.


 At the end of this dynamic, we arranged ourselves around the fire to share a mate and each other's experiences, until late at night we would go to sleep, with the occasional sighting in the sky, denoting the presence and support of our older brothers (Extraterrestrials), with a little discomfort we all slept in the tent, another proof of our sense of unity and camaraderie, since the other tent had been lost.


 In the morning a loud sound woke me up like the sound of two stones that collide or hit each other, I am a very light sleeper and any noise wakes me up, I stayed listening but nothing more I felt, if I remembered what the watchman had said, of the strange sounds, the next day I asked my colleagues if they had heard something, to which they answered no, so I was left wondering if It would have just been my mind.- At dawn we slowly started to get up and prepare a mate, this work was extremely tedious for us, since the firewood in the place is just a few small dry bushes, and with that and something of manure from the animals in the area was that we had to heat the water for our traditional mate, there we valued what is always within our reach and that we often do not give importance to....


 After having some mates we began the already known dynamics of psycho-physical exercises, and the energy intakes among other practices of mantrams and chakra alignment, at the end of these and with a good personal and individual vibration we prepared to perform a solar meditation


 In the past, the seven of us who were there saw ourselves very related in the construction of a great temple, of which only the great door remained as a witness of that remote past, in different tasks we saw each other in the aforementioned construction, which which was confirmed again and again when carrying out the conversations coinciding with each other


 Here is Rubén Correa's personal report: We do a solar meditation, and I feel my crystals spin and vibrate, and I see like a beam of light from the head of a puma that crosses the rock and reaches the rahma star that had been built with stones or stones. Well we arrive at the place and this energy crosses inside the symbol that we had received on the bus trip. We take a walk with Livio and incredibly we find a rock about two meters in diameter with an exact shape like the head of a puma, we find the symbol made in the same rock and like a three-fingered hand print made in the stone itself, something which I had also received in meditation in my city Thirty-three, and we did some work together where we planted a Maltese cross near the puma's head, and which connected energetically with the star made on the other side of the door, we also found in that place : heart-shaped stones from Uruguay and South America



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