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 And this other one is part of Siki's personal report. : We began a Xolar Meditation.

 This was her personal experience: Went inside by the side of the door with Soromez guiding me, who took me to the central Disk and saw the Seven of Paititi and the presence of Jesus. I felt activated the other crystals (the ones I saw in the Quebrada Depto. From Thirty three Uruguay) and I was inside the central crystal, while the first pyramid rotated clockwise; the second and of much more size,  rotated counterclockwise. 

 I felt an impressive internal strength and the certainty that in that moment I could do whatever I wanted. I saw again the bracelets in my hands, (Initiation that I have received some time ago), I gave them three blows between them, and I let that energy generated fall to the very center of the planet, and moments later it returned to me, more than multiplied. 

 It was something that totally surpassed me and everything remained, even the beings I saw in a beautiful blue background. I visualized the crystals of each brother and Soromez clarified to me that these adapted to us, to that from them we can activate our information.

 Then he reprimanded me, so to speak, telling me that "It's about time I believed it, that my faculties really are already activated, and as I accept them, I'm going to realize that yes, they are awake, and to stop doubting."

Then I saw someone who was approaching through the field and the guard told me: " He is the eighth and he will be with you in front of the door." Then the scene changed, I saw the Moray Circles, and the most deep (I don't know if there is one) began to fill with water and the whole earth shook; the trembling and the water seemed to flow from the depths. I saw three other circles rising in the Pacific, I saw them emerge from the depths and level with those of Peru; At the same time three others rose in the Indian Ocean and were also level with the water. [*1]

"When this happens you will know that there is no more time, that the guardians will be in front of you guiding you to safety and you should not look back, because everything will be removed. The circles have a sacred mission that we will tell you and that is related with the end and rebirth of the entire planet. Try to remember your own times and thus you will know how to face the sacred commitment. Do not doubt that we protect you, that behind human evolution there are an endless number of beings pending, that you finally give the step firmly and recognizing your own strength and truth. Only those who are prepared in time will recognize within the inner selves, intuit what the circles symbolize, and on that date, some of those gathered today must attend this. Fulfill."

 These were part of the words of the Master Guardian of the place and when he was silent, Livio just said "three" and we were returning from the meditation. I felt very strange with that vision of the circles, perhaps because as Soromez said, we do know what they will symbolize the future.

 After the conversation, we stopped and I approached the door again, on the right side (facing it) and once again I touched It with my palms and forehead. 

 Once again, I felt that there will be contact, and that it would be that night. Then, I perceived a tube of energy that passed through me and spirals like DNA, which closed around me and made me spin. When I walked away I had to sit down, because my legs seemed not to support me, and I still felt the energy around me and in full movement....."

When midday arrived, the heat was extremely scorching, so I suggested that we take a two-hour break to stay inside the tent or do what we felt like doing. -

It was then that we went out with Rubén for a walk around the area, and we went to the back of the door, a place bordered by large cliffs of stones that were left in the middle like sort of alleys, there then we would find another confirmation of the place, and this occurs as a result of one of the meditations, where Rubén himself visualized a head like that of a puma and again to see the symbol that they saw with Natalia on the bus trip.

Precisely behind the door was that place and we also received communication that connection work had to be done between that place and the other side of the door, where there was a small six-pointed star with stones that I built when we arrived the day before, so between the two of us we did the work of creating a Maltese cross next to the puma's head and connecting it with the star on the other side in front of the door, through an energetic tube of violet light.

For the reader to corroborate what I have written, I present a photo of a rock, where you can see the similarity it has with the symbol received on the bus and also exposed earlier in this report, in the photo below these lines you can see perfectly under that kind of window formed by nature, how the rock is fissured, and that figure forms like a letter S, which makes this formation very similar to the symbol we are talking about.-



[1] All predictions are given as a warning so we as a humanity, we can change it if we don't want that result

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