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 Hayumarca: August 11 and 12, 2007. (With my heart in my hand.-)

 In the photo that we have placed at the beginning of this report, you can see in that small stone of only two centimeters in diameter, the outline of our country, Uruguay, and on the other side of the stone appears a heart of just about two or three millimeters, it has been found about seven meters from the door. This is just one of the many confirmations recorded at the door, since at least four large stones from the place, and a relief formed in the sky with clouds and with the perfect shape of Uruguay, we have found and photographed, these facts and a large number of experiences that we will narrate below, would be indicating to us that the seven Uruguayans who made the trip were the ones who should carry out the work entrusted by the hierarchies......


 The invitation:

 Our brother in mission Víctor Callirgos, from Moquegua Peru, made an invitation on June 2, for all the brothers who felt like going towards the Hayumarca gate for an outing in support of the groups that would travel in August, to the council of Wiñaymarca, the Gobi desert, and the blue base in the upper Paititi, we who have been feeling familiar with Lake Titicaca for some time now, have written to Víctor accepting the invitation and extending it to the groups that we have been coordinating, many people had been telling me that when I traveled to Peru wanted to make the trip with me, on this occasion I do not acknowledge receipt of the invitation, knowing that almost everything has been written from above, I calmly waited for the responses.

The days went by and two or three people had accepted the invitation, among them three people from the groups of the department of 33, one of whom a few days Before I went to visit the group, I had had a dream about a trip that he would take with me, and that he was accompanied by two other people from his group. When I went and presented him with the invitation, he was the first one to tell me: I'm going now. I dreamed about that trip a few days ago, so little by little they felt the call, and they joined in for the departure.

Overcoming economic obstacles and small family and other inconveniences, all of us who said yes to the invitation, prepared ourselves on three levels: physical, mental and spiritual, while confirming communications continued to arrive that the departure to Hayumarca should take place. The opposition began to manifest itself strongly, trying to discredit me, and even to label the trip as a "walk or tour", to which I turned a deaf ear, since I felt more and more strongly that I had to go to that distant place, but that at the same time I felt it very near .-

 Meanwhile, my brother Víctor Callirgos kept me informed of the events there in Peru, telling me that people who initially said yes, now they were backing out, this confirmed my intentions even more, and I continued forward. With August just around the corner, and of several who had confirmed their trip to me, only six remained firm, little by little they were arranging their licenses and raising the money to make the trip, the same as we would do by land, since in this way the costs dropped by much less than half that by air.

 Meanwhile, I continued with my missionary work, traveling to the interior of the country and reaching different departments, with the message, work that I interspersed with preparing for the trip, and attending to family commitments, from July 13 to 22, I went to the department of Tacuarembo doing two workshop seminars, and staying all week in that department, with great support from the guides, which I have never lacked in all the time I have been on this path. Meanwhile, our brother Víctor Callirgos received the following communication that gave us more guidelines and clarified the situation:


 Moquegua, July 26, 2007. 10.42pm

 Oxalc greets you

 Today, as at the beginning, we communicate to deliver information that you will channel because the opening of the Door of the Inner Retreat that summons you is linked to the awakening of man when his vibration resonates, the one that you perceive radiating to the planet. All assistants in each outing will fulfill a specific task that together will give the unity of rahma maturity. Therefore, do not be distracted because you have well perceived the contrary forces expressed in levels that confirm the value of the experiences that you have to live representing your brothers from near and also from afar, that distance is none other than the separation of your Real Being. , who is the one who summons you.

 Thus, capture your presence, dear brother, because the time has come to activate what was stored and precisely for this time in which your work activates the Solar Discs, aligning them in their old state and place, so that the result is also noticeable. Your brother, the one who is by your side and the brother who is far away will understand that it is better to intuit than to deny because it was said that it would be and we are like you determined to fulfill what is inevitable, thanks to your commitment to the light of the sunrise. Their hearts are our witnesses. That is why we do not confuse you and let you unravel the thread, knowing that our presence would not hinder you, but rather would be the incentive to get closer and enter into connection with yourselves; and it makes us happy to know that they now understand that love and its radiation are more important than the setbacks with which they have been tested, but rather how their strength would be measured.

 Understand the integrity of Love and its excellent manifestation: Forgiveness! Root of roots that are. How does it work and what is it for?: Enter into prayer. With extensive love to all,




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