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 To all this, after these works, I suggested to my colleagues a new break, half an hour so that we would continue later, it was then mid-afternoon, and Rubén took the opportunity to tour the place carrying the digital photo camera of him, he feels directing his steps towards a specific place, and takes a photo that just finished corroborating what I received before.

It's a image too coincidental, since on the left of the photo there are seven notches in the rock, on the right of the image, there are two vertical lines and next to them a circle, and below on the lower right margin two letters, an E, and an L, together, seeing this would make me confirming the experience of that night, the seven (people) supporting, both physically and astrally, two men and a woman having the experience and with the termination EL, and coincidentally Rubén, Siki and who writes (me) are with that cosmic termination.

 Then I asked Rubén; tell me and why did you go to that side to take photos? To which he answered: I don't know, I felt something inside that told me go there....but It is one thing to narrate it and another to see the photo, here it is:

 By then, those synchronicities almost overwhelmed our capacity for astonishment, and would continued systematically one after another.

 Also during that break, we saw how a young man with a backpack on his back passed by on the path near the door, and with a broad smile he greeted us and continued on his way. When I saw him, immediately felt that he was the eighth, which according to a communication that Víctor received a few days before the trip said: seven will arrive that will add up to eight ", the last day before we left the door, our brother Freddy Luna, (the young man with the backpack), from the Lima groups, who had been at the council, appeared. from Wiñaymarca, introduced himself and we had the pleasure of sharing a very beautiful work guided by him.

 Without intending to skip anything, I returned with the narration of the second day at the door, being day 12, and knowing that many brothers were working, we carried out work connecting with the lake and with the Gobi desert and the blue base, which is partly narrated by Natalia Lucas in her personal report, from which I transcribe that extract:

 ....When we returned to the side of the tent we turned the light back on the fire and we begun a sequenced mantralization first by the women and then by the men with RAHMA, AMAR and OM, after finishing this we started a talk about the mission's history, each one commenting on what it feels and in what has changed since he knew what RAHMA means, we got very excited and the tears did not hesitate to begun to flow from what deepest of the heart, we gave each other a big hug where it was wonderful to feel all that love.


 Taking advantage of that state we did an irradiation where we all together held hands and formed a large pink crystal which we moved to Lake Titicaca from where it would expand towards our entire mother and every human being who lives there...... '

 And little by little the night was showing up, and the intense cold began to make itself felt, and we were without a single pasture or manure to burn, personally, my feet froze in a way that hurt me, and then I told Rubén:

 Let's go walk a little to see if the cold in my feet goes away... my intention was not only that, but also to talk to him a little about everything was receiving, and so we headed towards the route close to the door, the same one that leads to the city from Puno.  When we arrived at said route, in the horizon a (space) ship moved in a erratically way, showing the support that we were receiving, although the cold was intense, I suggested to my partner that we sit back to back to back to raise awareness to see if we get some other complementary message, then we received: "the guidelines have already been given".

When we stood up and the (space) ship was not in the same place, it had moved and was on some nearby hills, we returned back to camp, and we found out that three companions were in front of the door working, we passed through them and continued heading to the tent area, there the other two people, had already gone to sleep, because they felt very tired, between activities and altitude.

In a short time later the three companions arrived, who were: Siki, Edward and Gustavo, the latter asked me: Tell me Livio, what's happening? There are things that are there and you are not telling us!.  Then I said that I was trying to keep a little reserve so as not to create collective mentalisms or hallucinations. Excuse me but I must be cautious in that sense, and what happens is that a large number of confirmations, which make us think that it is probable a contact experience for this same night after twelve o'clock, and when I told them, they were filled with astonishment, since they were not expecting that news, so I suggested that they support the three of us who went to the back of the door where the place had been marked for us, and that they worked in front of the same door supporting with mantrams, and with great maturity and solidarity Gustavo and Edward answered me yes, it was then that the set time was already approaching, and the three of us left for the place. 

 Arriving at the place, a golden (space) ship was waiting for us that showed right through the opening in the rock itself that formed the symbol, which more confirmations could we ask?, as we had been asked, in the afternoon, we started working with the known mantras, and also the one received by Melo and confirmed by dawn sighting in Buenos Aires.

It was then that the three of us began to live different experiences, with the mantra composed to me personally, while I was leaning on a rock there in that place, it seemed to me It began to move and as if to soften the rock, yes.... it is a strange sensation that you have to experience to know how it feels, and also on the mental screen began to parade a huge number of symbols and diverse images, which did not stop passing through my mental screen, after a few moments I withdrew my forehead of the stone, and my companions did the same same, in a few words we shared what each one felt, and when we looked around us it had formed like a kind of enclosure or fog, totally changing the climatic conditions that prevailed that night, the cold was gone, and we prevailed that night, and a pleasant sensation enveloped us, we returned to our work with vocalizations, but time began to pass and the supposed experience did not occur, so I began to ask to be told what was happening, and the following mental communication was received:


 "To find contact you must fully embrace commitment, leaving aside all material things, knowing, being aware that matter is transitory and the path of the Christ, although it may seem dark and lonely, is an abyss that gives light to more pure. You must look inside, detach yourself from all material things and live by the spirit, with love and surrendered to the plan of the creative Father. There is no room for doubt in the one contacted and you must learn that, look until it becomes your truth.

 The path of Christ is evolution, where all material things will be left behind. You are the ones who must make the decision and to know yourself. See to what extent you are willing to leave everything for love. Only then will the contact be, because with your hearts you will be contacted.

 With love Oxalc and Alcir"



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