The sound that is emitted when we are born as individual spirits is the first part of our cosmic name, the second part of our cosmic name is the cosmic ending (Termination) that is always two letters. This completion indicates the moment in which we wake up to our spiritual path and in a certain way it indicates what our mission is but in reality we are going to discover it totally working every day with our cosmic name through which we access our past lives and We can come to know what our collective and personal mission is.

The Cosmic Name is the name of our spirit, it is a key which we have to use to open the door to the knowledge of ourselves.

The Cosmic Names have different endings that correspond to the last two letters of the Cosmic Name and represent vibratory keys that determine the order in which the calls to the Ramas were made, the order of appearance and harmonious work in the mission, such as  AMEMELNIANACWAEN, etc. This call and search does not imply an order of importance as each one fulfills a different function that fits harmoniously in this Total Devotion Mission in which man is a medium of that great Universal Aid and Love Force.

Here is the link of the list with the cosmic endings:

Cosmic Terminations List