There is an excellent text of permanent consultation in Mission Rahma: Evolution Path to Infinity, taken from the Masters, under the guidance of the Extraterrestrial Guides.

The three manifestations of the creation of man:
1. Will  
2. Wisdom  
3. Love

In this compendium of messages and teachings received within the Mission, the evolution plan to be followed is mentioned, as part of a valuable preparation that points to infinity. This preparation is in the three planes (physical, mental and spiritual) and develops as follows: 

Physical Evolution:
A. Purification with fasting and abstinence
B. Renewal by deep breathing and natural energetic feeding. 
C. Conservation through natural life and exercise.

Mental Evolution
A. Mental Alchemy through Discernment and Polarization
B. Knowledge that is the realization of it. 
C. Activation and good use of faculties and perceptions.

Spiritual Evolution:
A. Harmonization in the body, mind and spirit. 
B. Self-knowledge (self-analysis) 
C. Inner transformation through spiritual alchemy.


"Do not waste time and with strength and conscience finish sharing and awakening many more, that these in turn will awaken others and thus will play their part in this great reaction that is expected of all of you, brothers of the earth."

Extract of communication 2008