Am Soromez and I belong to the White Brotherhood of the earth.

 Never stop listening to your heart because it is the only guide that leads to the truth.
 You will ask what truth?
 The one that places you in this space and in this time, in this earth and in this race.
 The one that today resumes its steps and that will soon be located in the place that it has been assigned in the dance of the times.
 You live in a time when it is possible to combine yesterday, today and tomorrow.  And that's because the times that were apart begin to come together.
 That is why Ramas of yesterday, today and always, this is the time when what you were, what you are and what you will be begins to come together.
 Rama (Ra: sun, Ma: earth), eternal wanderer in search of truth...
 When the desert and the pyramids make your heart vibrate, you will know that you belonged to those ancient Egyptians who received the ancient teachings of Hermes, of Toth, the Atlantean.
 When your chest lights up inside a cave, you will know that you were part of those Essenes who walked alongside the great teacher on the shores of the Dead Sea.
 When you feel that before the Sacred Chalice, your being trembles, you will remember that together with the pure of heart, you drank the nectar of wisdom contained in the Holy Grail.
 When you see your feet climb the steps one by one to the top of the great pyramid, you will know that your being one day received the great feathered serpent in the ancient Mayan priesthood.
 When you feel that the Solar Disc is part of you, you will know that you were part of one of those Amaru who walked the paths that connect Cusco with Paititi and received the inheritance of the Inca King, and the Great White Condor of the Andes.
 So too, perhaps one day, you will remember being part of those Ramas that reestablished the interconnected bridge of time.
 Those who always were and one by one retracing their steps, assumed a conscious and committed role for humanity, experiencing their own transmutation that would lead them to shine through example as suns (RA) on earth (MA).
 For this reason, beloved traveler, remember your solar essence and assume your part, because as has already been said, this is the time when time is now, this is your time in time, this is the time when it has ceased to be Time to do Christ Consciousness.
 The White Brotherhood makes an alert call so that those who identify with this message, work on a comprehensive preparation on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.  And that through an attitude of perseverance and discipline, achieve change by projecting themselves as true suns, radiating light and love to humanity.
 Thus the human being, in full integration with others, through service, forgiveness and love, will be able to put all these elements into action and will form a new humanity in these moments of trial and change.
 You are in a moment where the only enemy that can drive you away is yourselves, the ego, the doubt, and the fears sometimes cloud your true objective.
 Be strong and be more than ever, true suns on earth.  There are no limits for spiritual work and for mental action.
 Everything will try to undermine your strength and even make you think that what is done makes no sense, that it is useless when you are asked to do or have been doing on your own initiative.
 However, now is when you should least lower your guard or neglect your joint and constant action because, as we told you, you are in the final stretch.
 The limitations are apparent and depend more on your attitudes and moods.
 For this reason, strengthen yourself all the time because there are very violent moments and extreme stalking that will move even the most steadfast.
 But if you keep your conscience awake and work constantly, you will be strong without being defeated, and you will also see the results that will be surprising.
 Just as the great masters serve the Cosmic Plan and are available to the needs of humanity, and not so is the humanity that is at the service of the great masters.
 If they in their loving presence are here among you to humbly serve you, what should you do for yourselves in reciprocity to the dedication of the great masters.
 You should follow their own example, then also serve.
 Service as a formula for advancement will project all the best from you, channeling it in the way that you can best help mentally, spiritually, as well as physically or materially.
 The universality of the created thought will identify the initiated hierophant, because in his heart he will have learned that the divine presence lives in him and that just as in him, everyone receives light and love from him regardless of creed or condition.
 The light illuminates everyone equally, it does not separate you from each other, it infuses you intensely and shelters you in its bosom.
 The disciple, lover of light, like it, must learn to diffuse and radiate without distinction, feeling at the best moment the opportunity of what will be given and how it will be shared.
 With deep love,
Note: Ramas here means people of earth following the Rama Mission and becoming a sun (RA) on earth (MA).