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Date: 2003-10-01

Antenna: Mishraelam


It is there that you find us in your interior, in the Inner Paititi and before the sacred flame and the golden disk, there is your most sacred place, to which you must go regularly.

It is before the Disk that you remember your lives in Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt. Your records must reveal related to the mentioned places.

How else, will you access the Records kept by the Maestros who wait for you in the places mentioned?

The Disk and the flame are also work tools that all Rahma must learn to use.

Vehicle is space-time transfer and through its symbology you will access which activator when you wake up from your own wisdom and connection with the place, with the Mission and with the Plan.

That is why replicas are important. In your work of connection and irradiation you access, if so arranged, in time and space, the portion that touches you revealing knowledge and receiving instruction ...


... Q: Is it that there are two original Solar Disks or is there simply one? If there are two, does each correspond to Lemuria and Atlantis respectively?

The Solar Disk is one and is in Paititi, guarded by Atlantes and Lemurians. The Flame is also there and they were brought from Lemuria in successive stages which also passed through the Lake.

There is an exact replica of the Original, but of terrestrial origin. It was the "L" who built the original disk, with an alloy of terrestrial and extraterrestrial minerals.

The Flame is an emanation of the Energy of the Central Sun, which however is white because it represents all the Orders of the White Brotherhood, which can be accessed in a higher octave of consciousness and love.

Activate your inner psychic vision and in contact with the Solar Disk, opening doors in the Mental Universe, doors of Light and Love, which move you to other levels of vibration, of understanding and understanding of the knowledge deposited in it.


Q: Do replicas work the same way? In the Precincts where they are there is also a white flame?

Yes it is. In all places designated for the existence of replicas of the Solar Disk, they are both tools that are available to the initiate on the spiritual path.

Remember that you get there by commitment of freely assumed love and it is there that you must discover the task or tasks to be accomplished.

You are reminded of yours with the Lake and the route of the Disk and the Flame. Connect with us in meditation.

With love,

(ALCIR, SOROMEZ, 01-10-03)


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