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Guitarritas, Huasteca, N.L.  Mexico, December 31, 1999


No event or mystery will happen in Merla because the time of events is precise, the hidden already leaves its place;  avoid becoming contaminated with pessimism and lack of spirituality, remember, the dark side knows your failures and sometimes, through intermediaries of the dark they will want to stop your work;  these beings in the deepest of your eyes can detect the one who lies;  the one who hides or the one who flees from the Light, sometimes they are inside, but, at the same time they rebel because of fear, do not let past failures and these beings stop you in your path and remember you are not exempt or free, by  otherwise the stalking/pressure is greater.


Who of you who hears or reads this message is willing to bear the responsibility of his individual and collective mission, there is only one call, and only he who is awaken will hear it, there will be many opportunities to give up but only one to keep moving forward, this  call is brief for the one who really wants to be a cosmic being, without ties, without name, without religion, without structure, without place, only those who have already learned to see with love, will know that this call is for them, those who already carry  his own cross with joy, and they will no longer cry for weakness or rebellion, who of these are you?


If you still do not see your path clear, balance yourself so that you can see your guides or messengers who wait for your cry and take you inside, so only the one who sees, will see without seeing, I encourage brothers we wait for you here on January 22, March 21, like Easter.  Polarize the places energetically, mental creations, and sowing of light, work with sound and light, which we will continue to give information, guidelines and key dates, as well as work to be done, March will be work, April initiation, May preparation  , July of understanding, in August you will receive planetary information, November of delivery, December of beginnings, September and October of surprises.  Again send energy to all volcanoes, do not neglect any, to D.F.  (Mexico) to its interior green and pink energy, violet to the city;  to Cuba violet energy, to Puerto Rico blue energy, ..


We will support at all levels anyone who comes to work for Humanity, energetic diamonds are being sent directly to the hypothalamus, so that your brain expands your vibration of consciousness, Apu sends them.  Keep activating and maintaining your bio-energetic brains through white light and at an organic level a lot of water, zinc and potassium.


Tibet awaits many path walkers, the capital of the intra-terrestrial world Shamballah waits to deliver ashkasic information, and Paititi invites to arrive at the sacred gate of Pusharo, the 32 representatives wait for the invited path walkers, only if they arrive in unity and representing  to humanity, they will open the doors of their hearts to open the sealed doors with the purest love, visit the navel (of earth) again on March 21 to give them solar initiations, California, Peru, South Africa, Mongolia, expect much geological, atmospheric purification, now  that natural elements arrive without a center point.


Peace and love.


The 9 of the Andromeda