The Christic Crystals are given as an initation by the Extraterrestrial brothers.

The Crystals of Light are spiritual and subtle essences projected to the palms of the brothers' hands and then inserted by the individual with his hands into his forehead. It will serve to channel better the energy of the Christ Light that already reaches you when Earth receives the 4th Dimension of consciousness. 

They originally assume the pyramidal form of a whitish golden color and a projection at the vertex of the pyramid in the form of a bright white cross.  These Crystals of Light, also called Christic Crystals or Crystals of Christic Light, because through them, this type of radiation is channeled better to our earth planes, they are smaller than the Cesium Crystals and vibrationally establish at the moment of their materialization in  the hands, a relationship with the etheric level of the body connecting with the other subtle bodies of the person.