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22/01/2019 TELEPATHIC COMMUNICATION. Here is the recent message received in La Paz / Bolivia, from the Brothers of the White Brotherhood and the Extraterrestrial Guides for all humanity:

Communication: 22/01/2019

Time: 7:30

Antenna: ademixar

Place: Paz / Bolivia


Time Without Time has found you

The numbers of the accounts resonate within the new vibrations,

Like as pulsations from the center of the Galaxy,

Mark the beat of your new awakening.

Nothing will be like before, everything will happen at the moment

As a just measure of your inner resonance.

This was already planned and will done as planned by the 24 Solar Consciousnesses, who from the Sixth Dimension, already last September, expressed their will to love.

2019, - within the countdown -: IS OF CONTACT, so we will support each trip of diffusion, each encounter of commitment and mission.

Ask and it will be given!

This is how it was written in the records, within this new evolutionary spiral of humanity: Therefore, as missionaries who represent the awakening of a New Time, all of you will sponsor where you are, at the best moment, the conditions of our approach.

Everything will be given according to what is arranged from Above, but also from within, your own and luminous Being, who with the strength and clarity of true realization, will be writing with golden letters this new era as well as human - Confederative too.

The Internal Retreats again this 2019 open their doors so that you can reach them, satisfying your thirst for wisdom and universal knowledge.

And it will be that the Initiated one will again overcome the Master.

The new planetary vibration can be integrated through the CHRISTIC CRYSTALS, which in this New Time of contact and awakening within the countdown (2018-2025), will be activated fulfilling Its true role of vibratory integrators of Fourth Dimension.

They are thus essence and crystallized wisdom of the forces of nature with the wonderful Christ Energy that comes to you from the Center of the Galaxy. For the same reason, it will be like a new rebirth in the light and love of the great Cosmic Consciousness, which will emerge in the Always Committed ones.

And it will be in love and for love that everything will be given.

You have already been told and it will be true that you are now GUIDES ON EARTH who will preside over and propitiate this new encounter from East to West, defining the new North to follow.

We as emissaries of the Divine Will, will always come to your call of love.  

Every opportunity you have to be in touch in nature, take advantage of it, that there you will not only see us, but you will find yourself, far from the lethargic sound and vibration of the big cities.

You were prepared for this magical moment as GUIDES OF EARTH and now you will dispense, raising the vibration of each group, of each soul, the luminous CHRISTIC CRYSTALS, presided over by the Interior Government as a signal that everything has been fulfilled.

They will be times of change at every level, the human debacle of a system that resists still the change, will enter a frenzy of imbalance and pain.  But like the savia that heals the deepest wound, from its roots, the phoenix will see your rebirth in Christ and for Him.

The changes of the seasons will be decisive in the conscious management of the forces that will come to your call, restoring peace and harmony.

Therefore, the months of March-June-September and December will be of communion and planetary prayer with the Mother: the Earth.

Likewise, from June to August (three months) we will concentrate our biggest activity but also the trips to the Inner Retreats, both in Europe and America, receiving The Vibratory Post from the East, to carry the banner of spirituality in this New Time without Time.

And so it will be because it is written on the golden plates, the Akashic records of humanity.

Be in the light of hope and new Solar redemption

Your Confederate Guide and Master of the Interior Government

Aldrix and Soromez