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2016 Direct Communication from Amani

Extract From "Hacia Una Civilización Solar" book by Luis Fernando Mostajo, 2016, Ediciones Amatista

(with permission from the author 2019-07-08)

Beloved Ademixar, she began to say, this is a cosmic fold, capable to unite in space-time both places as one.  This is possible through the concentration of ultra-solar energy in a torsion or helical field.  The ring of energy that you observe creates a unique magnetic field of plasma, which makes possible the fusion of planes and the connection of realities in alternative controllable times.  

You are on Earth, but also here, and strange as it may seem, everything happens in real time;  and, as on very few occasions, you have now been allowed to keep a record of our meeting, "because what we want to communicate must transcend the consciousness of the collective of all humanity! "

Know beloved ones, that the times assigned for the call and the conformation of assistance missions have already come to an end and, with this, the established role of contacts through the Confederation and the Interior Government, suggests that as always, in the time, and as never in the history of the Earth, man is now the artifice of his own destiny.

The records guarded by the Venerable Masters of the White Brotherhood and the luminous Solar Consciousnesses of the Twenty-Four Elders have already been digitized and encoded, physically and vibrationally, in the twenty-four and 144 world contacts that, as figures of the accounts, now activate at the world level the portal of the beginning of a New Time.  

The ascending and active luminous frequencies from the supreme heart of the universe, in the octave of higher consciousness in which it manifests, are already anchored on Earth.  In other words: the unified energy field of the seed of life of the future universe has been activated on Earth through the sacred manifestation of the crystal or fundamental stone of Genesis or Chintamani, as you know it, in the Sajama volcano.  What implies the imminent redemption of the human being in the most sublime manifestation of creation that will now be assisted, sustained and represented by the loving presence of the Christic Spirit, the same as from this energetic portal of time and space, channel energies that, active, will decode your code and blood registry, revealing your true stellar descent.  

For this reason, now and in these months we have been linking the twenty-four and the 144 world contacts, so that as in the beginning, the experience that gave rise to the call, today seal the commitment that you made before, of being depositaries of the Humanitarian Knowledge, but also of being missionaries and representatives of the Interior Government and the Confederation, like the new guides on Earth, who under the loving manifestation of the Christic Spirit, give the foundations of the new human community, but likewise, cosmic.  

The process will now be of man and for man and, in spite of human experience, you will know that your awakening compromises not only your world but with it, the entire universe.  So, as you saw and felt on the sacred mountain, the bonds and dimensions that unite you, compromises you with worlds and humanities, with planes and realities very different from yours, but inherent to your own existence, so much so that you are in this world but you do not belong to it, you live your human experience, but your cosmic ancestry by inheritance  makes it possible to be and do - here and now - in opinion and on behalf of the Most Holy in the Whole Universe.  You are then on Earth but by inheritance you belong to the Cosmos and through it.

"The alliance is consummated, the plan accomplished, realized. fulfilled is done and done it is!".


The initial contact defined your group commitment and now activates that of your personal commitment.  Nothing will be as before, today your personal tasks begin to form a new mosaic of planetary influences unthinkable until now by you, and that is for this moment is that you were called to be part of the so-called Ulterior Preparation.  

The council of September will define this new guide to follow, and that in union with the Confederate Brotherhood of the Star, the Nine of Andromeda, the Twenty-Four Solar Consciousness of the Venerable Elders and the Council of the Twelve Guardians of the Archives on Earth, of the Government  Inside, together with you representatives and guides on Earth, together with you, as representatives and guides on Earth, initiate, with the departure of the 32 Ancestors, the process and succession of planetary and cosmic events.  

The book of knowledge, the sacred akashic record, can begin to be read and understood from the most intimate forum of each worldwide contact.  For now it is active in your blood flow, the same that in front of the waves of constant vibration to which you are subject, physically and spiritually, on Earth, product of the entrance of cosmic energies in this material plane and plasmatic in the immaterial, in  harmony with the frequencies of solar expansion that already determine the new programs of planetary life, with the convergence and activation the supreme force of the Stone of Genesis, which in the octave of consciousness in which it manifests, unites Earth with the reality of the Primordial  Force  of the Future Universe in which the most pure and manifest love is manifested, where the Christ is a living reality.  "Such is the destiny of man without time, of the eternal cosmic traveler who found home in each star his birth and consequent redemption!"

Thus, the terrestrial missionary and guide will act accordingly to the Book of Life, since he is and will be one with it.  The key to the deciphering of the book and akashic record will be found in the synchronization with the frequencies of emanation and solar cycles, the same ones --that in tune with the network of active planetary energy with the emanations of the Solar Disc and its consequent network of influence  global-- will determine the activation of your blood code, emanating the wisdom and light of millennia to your consciousness.

Your task will be unified to that of the White Brotherhood Council that is already operating, sponsoring the delivery of "The Post" --the responsibility-- that like a symbol of maturity, at the humanitarian level, places you now in your new role as missionaries of light in a  New Time without Time.  

"Children of the light and of the purest essence of love: be ONE in it!"