Voluntary galactic civilizations grouping of worlds in the Milky Way. It is the meeting of all those planets that have reached a state of evolution that allows them to assume the service of help and advancement of other planets that are in a state of incipient evolution.

The grouping of Galaxies (spiral nebulae), also forms a Confederation called the "Great Star" governed by a Council of Councils. The worlds that are part of the Confederation have reached a high degree of evolution.

The confederation is goberned by The 24 Elders of the Galaxy.

The Elders coordinate the evolution of all the worlds of our Galaxy. In turn, the 24 Elders have participation in the Great Council of The Star, located in Andromeda (M31), where 9 Mentors are responsible for such responsibility. The sum of the 24 Elders and the 9 of Andromeda results in the number 33, with its meaning of cosmic balance. Namely, below this Hierarchy of Light are the Genetic Engineers, the Watchers and Guardians of Planets , and finally, the instructors or Guides, who direct or guide the RAMA Mission on Earth.