Am Antarel from the planet Apu in Alpha Centaury

  You ask us what our medicine is like.  Our medicine is preventive, not curative.
  We usually teach people not to get sick, for which we appeal to a comprehensive education that emphasizes living in harmony with nature, with the universe, with our own body as a living temple that it is, and with others.
  It is important that you know that before the body gets sick, the mind begins to get sick, and before the mind the soul usually does.
  That is why it is necessary to go to the cause of the diseases and not to the effect as they usually do in your world.
  The human being is like a sponge, while it is dry it is seen with a defined shape, color and without weight, but as soon as begin to absorb water, the sponge loses its shape and it looks dark and heavy.  And if one delays in squeezing it, the sponge rots and falls to pieces.
  Therefore, you must learn to squeeze out the negativity that you absorb during daily life and you must also know that as you learn to breathe and channel more energy, your aura, which is your immune barriers, will be seen enlarged and she will isolate you from the lower vibrations.  This is like putting on a raincoat in rainy seasons.
  Diaphragmatic breathing is also very important, this should be done through the nose, using the diaphragm as if it were a bellows and making space to then push the air filling the lower and upper part of the lungs as newborns do.
  With a slow and deep breath, you not only oxygenate the blood and better irrigate the lungs, improving memory and concentration, but also load yourself with electrons.  And all that electrical charge is housed in the nervous system, which is the electrical system of the human being.
  That energy is manifested through the physical body forming above it, the bioplasmic body or electromagnetic belt, which is nothing other than the aura.
  Getting to perceive the aura.  Thanks to the continuous stimulation of the neuro-vegetative system through breathing, it is possible to capture the aura of health, in the form of spots on the body that show and locate the cause of the diseases, being able to achieve highly accurate diagnoses.
  In addition to learning to breathe slowly and deeply, you must also learn to meditate and relax, as many illnesses are caused by tension and stress.
  We also recommend a balanced diet that is as natural as possible, based mainly on vegetables and whole grains.  Because you are the product of what you eat.
If you feed it with death and decomposition, after seven years in which you have regenerated the cells of your body, you will have turned it into death and decomposition, completely contaminating yourself with all kinds of diseases that will wait in the moment of weakness when the defenses be at the minimum to end your health.
  And don't forget to do the organic cleansing therapeutic fast at least once a month.
  Another very important aspect is psychophysical gymnastics  and sports because the universe is movement and being sedentary takes away health.
  We also recommend reducing to a minimum or eliminating the consumption of all kinds of stimulants that affect the nervous system and create dependencies, undermining the will.
  It is also advisable to go to bed early, keep your body clean, and go out to fields at least once a week, walking barefoot on the grass or on the sand to make contact with the earth, because your body is an electrical circuit. and you need to discharge and recycle the energies.
  As for healing, everyone has the ability to channel energies that can restore harmony and balance other people.  But to be able to do this, you have to know that the channeling and transmission of energies exists and can manifest through you.
  To believe it is to materialize it, the bridge of help is established when the person who is going to serve as a channel for the higher energies is aware of his capacity as a transmitter and that is prepared to do so.  And also when the person who is going to be helped, or relatives or people close to him, believe that help is possible and want to receive it.
  Trust is a bridge that facilitates the movement of energies.
  You can intervene in any case of healing, whether the person is present or at a distance, because for mental power and for love there are no distances.  Try not to lack concentration and less conviction when it comes to helping.
  You then work by placing both hands on the head of the person you are going to help, without touching it, and take slow, deep breaths, while visualizing how with each inhalation, retention and exhalation, it descends through you, a ray of color in the order of the chromatic scale, and is projected onto it through the head of the person in front of you, visualizing how the energy of this or that color reaches the different parts of the patient's body .
  If the person is not present, they can imagine him/her, and do it as if he/she was here, while doing this work you can visualize in your minds the Columo ship, in which we are orbiting around the earth and yet it is not visible or detectable from the surface of your world.
  In a very large circular room of the ship, we have a complete body of rock crystal and in it you can exercise your mental projection, sending the image of the person who is being helped so that we can also assist him/her from a distance. .
  Always visualize the person you want to help, healthy and free of all illness, and ask humbly to the highest, thus channeling those extraordinary energies of universal love in an optimal vibratory state and do not fear contamination.
  The only act of love that involves a healing is the best vaccine against any disease, but we do not advise people who are easily suggestible to try these aids, because their minds can play tricks on them.
  And remember that you will never give your energy, but that moment you become channels of the cosmic energy, which flows through you, letting it pass and at the same time beneficially charging.
  We can assure you that there is no request or action that does not receive a response, and even more so when it is done with the right attitude.
  Help will always come but not necessarily how and when one wants, but when the universal laws so provide.
  It may happen that you make a chain of healing or lay hands on someone and this person, instead of getting better, gets worse facing a strong crisis, after which he/she improves rapidly.  What happened was that the process of the illness accelerated and what would have been a long and painful illness did not last long.  Help was there.
  You will see other cases in which someone is helped and that person quickly disincarnates.  Here the help was manifested by having contributed to accelerating the process, freeing the person from their suffering, since when death arrives it is not necessarily a misfortune or a punishment.  It can also be a release from suffering.
  Love and peace