Am Commander Asthar Sherat and I belong together with the Rama Mission's Guides to the great confederation of united worlds in the galaxy.

 The confederation of united worlds in the galaxy is a group, a brotherhood of intelligences of the cosmos that come together to sponsor balance, friendship and brotherhood among human beings of the worlds that they want to help.
 You ask us what we think of religions.
 If we make a comparison between the planet earth and other planets of similar evolution or of lesser evolutionary level, we find something that stands out on earth and that stands out above all others.
 We have never seen a world with so many religions, so many religions focus on evolution managing and manipulating consciences through fear and the threat of false beliefs and what consumes the conscience of the human being the most, such as sin.
 While they should be teaching the universal laws as the most sacred of religions.
 Consciousnesses from other parts of the galaxy infiltrated the regions for chaotic and enslaving purposes.
 These beings are known as dark spirits and incarnated on earth after having been creating chaos on an ancient planet that self-destructed and was between Jupiter and Mars.
 These remains are called by your scientists the great asteroid belt.  These consciences that took shape in earthly cultures manage human minds through religious beliefs from paganism to distort true Christianity, the one taught by the Great Master of love and forgiveness known to you as Jesus the Christ, and that he is also our teacher.
 Religions throughout history and far from being a point of reference for humanity have meant reasons for war, fights between humans, selfish and senseless discussions of torture and death and threats.
 Hells were created, heavens were created, purgatories were created, even intermediaries were created to be able to confuse and numb consciences more and to be able to exercise greater control and manipulation.
 In a subtle way, a programming was generated that was recorded in the collective mind, thus managing the power of free will.
 These beings that incarnated directing these religions are the ones that are generating chaos and feeding on it are making the human being look for a reference in God but through fear and the threat of fear.
 These dark forces are made up of people who are at the service of darkness and who in turn are manipulated manipulators and who are infiltrated in politics, governments, religion, music, the media, health, science without consciousness and the various organisms that you already know.  By their deeds you will know them.
 While it is true that humanity's karma accumulates through the pursuit of power, the manifestation of selfishness, injustice, abuse, slavery. 
 Much of human karma has its causes in religions that, by hiding the truth, managed to manipulate large human masses making them manageable, moldable and suggestible with a hidden purpose of wanting to make humanity believe that they should unite.
 They created groups that did the opposite, distancing themselves each time from one another and thus marking racial separations, distorting the pure and holy essence of the religion of love, which is the only and true universal religion.
 But the human being of the earth, some are so self-destructive and hide behind religious beliefs to express their anger, their rage, their frustration and their evil.
 Have not there been wars on earth sheltered in the name of Christ and God?.  Have not been abuses and persecutions committed against holy people accusing them of heretics and sorcerers?. 
 Who can say that the religions of the earth have been an example of life, of change, if at this end of the cycle they debate in a struggle that will inevitably lead them to great changes and transformations.
 Religions will face great changes and transformations in this time, there will be internal struggles, ambitions for power, liberation of secrets, all schools, sects and religions will be completely stripped looking to look good with their faithful but this farce will no longer be accepted .
 Everyone will realize the deceit and lies of all the time they lived generating chaos and deceit on earth.
 All this time is about to end, the only religion, the only spiritual force that will prevail on earth will be love, divine love, Christic love, love based on understanding, on forgiveness, on giving, on selfless sharing. and all for love.
 Seek the truth but seek it within yourselves, because it will set you free.
 We make a call to all the brothers of the earth so that you awaken to this awareness of the great change, we do not intend to disintegrate or separate anyone.
 We only speak to you with the truth, we your older brothers unlike you, we do not believe in God, we live in God.
 We honor and recognize his divine presence in everything created because the great everything is in everything and everything is in him.
 We practice the religion of love, the heart expanded in a luminous love that understands and tolerates everyone, no one is better in this evolutionary process of the universe, we are all different in some way and we manifest our essence as we awaken to the supreme consciousness.
 The light, inexhaustible source of everything that exists, reaches everyone equally, each one of you is like a container, perhaps some larger and others smaller, each one has the capacity to store light, those who store more light are surely those who have a larger container, and those who store little light is because they have not opened their hearts and minds to the truth.
 Expand this force of light in love and always say that God does not need physical temples, he does not need sacrifices, or luxuries, or gifts, or any kind of offerings, he only needs an open and pure heart to make a worthy temple of Him.
Note: This message was received at the beginning of the contact from the Rama Mission groups with the Extraterrestrials Guides during the 70's and 80's.
 Since then our humanity has changed for the better and religion will survive but in an evolved form. There still so much to do, let's do our part by sending energies to make the religion of love the only religion in the world: