This information was delivered by Superior Intelligences, whom we (Contact Group) out of respect and affection call Big Brothers or Extraterrestrial Guides.
Question: Does God exist for you?
We exist for God, and the universe is an expression of his love...
What you really want to know is whether or not we believe in a God like the one your religions preach.
Well, yes, we do believe... and what's more, many of your religions have emerged from experiences of contact in the past, so the idea of ​​God that you handle today is a heritage shared with the various visitors.
God exists independently of us and of you.  God is life itself, the Creative Power, Evolution, Death as Transformation.  Ultimately, everything is God.
Everything is directed to a center and is emanated from a center, which at the same time is everywhere, crossing light years, distances, centuries, stages and epochs, dimensions in time, all directed to a single focus of attention: LOVE .
We are only one millionth of irradiation with respect to an entire universe that is palpable but still unknown to you, but as important as the whole, hence all the parts are important as components of it because they are integrated, they intertwine and form the total unit, the mass is distributed but it is reunited in a single unit of mind, matter and spirit.  And in this interrelationship of the trilogy of God, the One and the Universal All are formed.
If you see yourself in a mirror, you will see your image reflected in it and you will know what you are like, because it is also the emanation of God's love, its manifestation is reflected in everything.
That natural manifestation of love and wisdom should not be transgressed or violated because that would create disharmony.  Although these natural laws existed from the beginning, man from time to time it has violated them and as a result you have today's world, because they have not known how to offer love to mother nature or live in harmony with her, and because they have regrettably missed the benefit that she grants you as part of her natural service of love coming from the Profound (God) and finally "all chaos is caused by your own chaos".
From the origin, love emanated and the irradiation must reach your hearts to seek the First Cause, which will inspire you towards natural respect for the basic and fundamental laws that bring in harmony the universe to which you are just opening to.
Question: How can we prove the existence of God?
How can they check radio waves?  Isn't it through a receiver?  God can be verified through you because each living being is a recipient of the presence of the Maker.
In your science we see that scientists emphasize that nothing comes from nothing, but that everything has a first cause.  Well, precisely when we speak of God we are speaking of that first cause.
Scientists cannot speak of chaos, because everything obeys laws that control and regulate the universe.  Nothing is destroyed, changed or transformed without there being complex and at the same time simple motives for evolution that have it planned.  If not, why planets revolve around their suns, and systems around the center of their galaxies, and galaxies move in the universe around central galaxies?  what keeps it all there?  For that consciousness that is behind the creative forces of nature is God.
In the simplicity and simplicity of nature is God.  We live in a material universe of seven dimensions where our perception of the Creator tends to be very limited, it is rather what we feel about Him... It is a sensitive perception.
Question: Since ancient times there has been talk of "gods" and "God", how many gods are there?
There is only one God with multiple diverse manifestations.  What happens is that in the past your ancestors mistook the visitors for gods.  But there was always talk of one: "The Supreme God, The Absolute, The Unity, The Essence of all Things, The First Cause."
We know that there are three main universes contained within each other: the Material Universe of seven dimensions, the Mental Universe between the eighth and tenth dimensions, and the Spiritual Universe from the eleventh dimension onwards.
God is perceived manifested in the spiritual universe as The Absolute, The Unity and The Essence.
In the mental universe, God is perceived as The Father-Mother Creator, and in the material universe as the Spirit of Love. In such a way that in the material we feel God, in the mental we think about him and verify him in his universal order, and in the spiritual we live him.
Question: Is a contact with God possible?
If within each being there is a divine essence, how can one not be in contact with God?  But yes, the contact is personal.  Each one must look for it within himself, and let it manifest at the moment of it.
But do not stop being attentive, learning to feel, returning to that attitude so typical of children.
A good recommendation to achieve such contact is to surrender to value being still and silent.  Only in this way will we listen when in the depths of our interior we are spoken to.
In the inner contact with The Profund (God) you will receive messages like this one that we share below:
I dwell within you, nameless, ageless, timeless,
Without more fainting, or regrets than yours, of which I am in solidarity.
I dwell in your heart without cold and without heat.
With the times of time.
With the essence of the sun and the stars.
I am the being and the creation.
I am who I always am, and I am in you and in everything.
I am light and shadow, everything and nothing.
The contradiction, the apparent, the unequal;  but also unity.
Everything makes sense in me, nothing outside of me.
Every march and movement exists in me, and to me everything ebbs and flows,
Everything goes up and down;  everything comes and goes.
In this infinite prayer, nothing remains and everything remains the same, infinite and profound.
You are me and I am you.
We are the same essence: Father and Son.
The same Being, the same spirit.
And the basilicas and the temples, and the prayers, and the saints, everything is one.
Merged in this Great Spirit.
And your voices and your lights on, forgetfulness and grievances, encounters and disagreements;
Everything is one in the apprenticeship of love.
Therefore, do not be afraid to love with all the strength of this creation that vibrates in you, that feels and is perfected through you.
Let it out, allow it to continue creating; Irradiate it, giving freedom for your spirit to encompass infinity.
Let that force embrace us in this consubstantiation with the infinite. Let everything and nothing merge in you,
Establishing the bridge between universes, planes and dimensions,
So they will shine with all the lights of the stars.
Since always and forever.
Question: Very beautiful prayer, but our religions have so many dogmas, and there are so many conflicting beliefs.  What to do in the face of all this?
Each human group, each one of the beings motivated by their spiritual search, by a higher motivation, comes to live that internal reality according to their own need and level of understanding.  There is therefore an evolutionary age, which is the one that allows one the greater or lesser understanding of things.  But all live in the One, and what lives in the One cannot be separated.
In reality, dogmas and doctrines do not have a real existence in the real;  they are forms created by thought, and therefore subject to variation and modification according to the evolution of thought.
What moves in the depth of the Essence is beyond thought;  man repeats what he thinks and what he thinks motivates him, but the impulse of the One lives in itself with greater force in the depth of him, hence only from Him can emanate the force that seeks its original source and its return to it.
Beliefs, dogmas and doctrines become apparent to the observer who seeks transcendent reality, and therefore does not stop along the way analyzing positions of groups, because the root force is the same.  LOVE.
Love and peace.