Communication from Anitac and Titinac

 Date: July 2, 2022
 Place: Montevideo, Uruguay 
 Antenna : Amkhum
 We are the guides in contact answering your question brother Amkhum:
   We have confirmed our presence in the sight of all In a solidarity demonstration towards you.
 The events that have been happening, make us ask for more commitment and irradiation tasks to balance the energies.
   We have noticed that the fear is manipulating some weak personality souls who try to act with fear and despair.
  If you have noticed our presence is happening much in astral travel, dreams, meditations, fulfilling what was written of yesteryear.
   Stimulate in you who already know of our unconditional support, even more to generate the conditions of rapprochement, with the brothers who even today and in a new time still fear us, or see us as they have been programmed with fear of the unknown.
   Now a kind of global rapprochement has begun whenever you decide to share together.
 Answering your second question, if we are intervening so that a nuclear war does not break out, the answer is YES.
   The Ancient Masters gave you the directives not to allow an overpowering and less an action of the dark forces against humanity and harm so many thousands of years of work.
   In other words, the Guardian and Vigilant Brothers showed up in various places and if they feel they must act they will do what is necessary so that the rights of evolution are not violated, now at this moment they have stopped some missiles that would be launched by a nation against its own people, to sow chaos and fear, and generate divisions at the planetary level.
  How do you know you are in a critical moment that you knew would come.
 The discouragement, the laziness, the pain, will be transmuted by you, who are the column that is in the front row.
   When you said : after creating the conditions and making the reconnection of times , we told you that there would be a great purification , natural due to various reasons ,
 And that the qualified hand would remain to continue the maintenance of the bridge of light with the Divine Source.
 It is now brothers of the earth which is where you are the White Brotherhood of the Surface.
 This is your time, giving your life in the service of the Profound Love (God) ❤️
   Go out and do your homework, trust in your power, that in many cases we are amazed and we have come to feel again, the spiritual connection that we do not know how to explain, and that your delivery, courage, humility, and above all love, rejoices our being.
 Everything is accelerating at a quantum leap, into the fourth dimension.
   Go out into the world to say your feelings, humanity will listen to you, and you will feel the call in your being,
 The Christic energy will activate the most sacred of your being
 Unconditional love for the Creator's Plan.
 That makes you so powerful that the Great White Brotherhood of the Star will give you everything you need to act and fulfill your mission.
   We will be attentive to your actions, everything depends on you, the humanity that draws thousands of obstacles necessary for your great awakening.
   You will have everything, the inner retreats will open to ascend to the hidden and saved knowledge for this TIME 💜
   Be selective with whom you visit the inner retreats as the Masters await the pure of heart.
 That despite all your limitations, you forgave and loved
 You continued to walk and get up every time you passed out
 Those will be welcomed, intrigued and guided.
   We always say we are there in each meditation and summon from you.
 Be happy, you have come this far, and what is to come will be magical for everyone in the universe.
 With love in the light