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Antenna : Senitac 

Date: 3-06-2022 

Place: Viña Del Mar, Chile


What guidelines do you suggest for San Pedro de Atacama and Mount Shasta outings? 

What relationship does the trip made to Haytapallana and the activation of the Crystal heart of the planet have with the golden scrolls delivered? 

What is the role of each one in these outings ?  

The strength of my voice in Love towards you is always present, they are moments of connection towards everything that is necessary to live, just as the carpenter achieves his work, you have managed to reach this moment and for this my children, I am very grateful for the strength you have had on your paths.  


It is time to talk about the trips you will take.  These are trips that will mark a before and after in the life of everyone who undertakes them, who are capable of unifying, is part of it and we will give you everything you need to be in both meetings, trust.  

The first trip will be on August 12 , 13 and 14 to San Pedro de Atacama, it is the first part of the triangulation , we are waiting for you in the mountains that are closer and in the lagoons that reflect, you will know how to find the place, it will be marked by us.

The second trip that is the second part of the triangulation will be in Mount Shasta on September 9, 10 and 11, sealing here the encounter with the Christ consciousness that you have been anchoring for years, this will take you to another stage of contact and also another mission, this will be to Clean the DNA records that have been damaged and harmed during this last stage of darkness towards all humanity, exhausting and creating uncertainty and fear where before there was light and hope.  

The mission is from the anchoring of the Threefold Flame with the Crystal Heart of the planet and the codes of light delivered in the Huaytapallana, this time before our meeting will be of preparation to transcribe the codes and bring them to San Pedro and Mount Shasta.  

There will be Xendra experiences on both trips and we will support these outings by showing ourselves physically close to you or through your own brothers, know how to read the synchronicities how you have done so far, this is the path of everything you will do.  

The roles that you will have will be what your heart tells you, at times you will be brothers, others will be guides and in other children, also know how to allow yourself those spaces of connection between you from all dimensions  

The meeting at Mount Shasta will be a result, you open the doors, we take care of the entrance, the people who enter will be the ones who will contribute to the mission and will have sufficient preparation. 

We have confirmed 3 days in each meeting to form the star of the confederation and the mission of bringing heaven to earth and earth to heaven, the spiritual to the material and the material to the spiritual, the number 33 which is the numerical key that identifies the master Jesus be one with this information and it will always be a symbol of protection  

With love Jesus Christ and guides on mission