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PLACE: Wiñaymarka External Retreat - Lago Menor - Titicaca - Bolivia
Antenna: Ademixar
Time: 15:30 p.m.

In the name of the 24 solar consciences that form the loving Council of the Galaxy. On behalf of the 9 Mentors of Andromeda. In Name of the 12 of the Council of Venerable on Earth as well as the human groups prepared within the Confederate worlds. In the Name of the Most High and Supreme Maker, we welcome you to this crucial moment of earthly and stellar awakening, the same that together and united we open in an octave of higher consciousness that manifests definitively in the Cosmic Christ in whom we are ONE.

The Venerable Masters of the Inner Retirement have arranged the conditions for what will be the beginning of the final delivery of the Golden Book of Knowledge: The Bredam, at the hands of the emissaries and representatives of the assistance plans that are now gathered in Council is this magical portal planetary and cosmic connection, will set the conditions for information - the knowledge and light of truth reaches everyone, sealing a cycle of awakening and planetary redemption in which you managed to change the human paradigm.

Today the Earth begins to be considered one more star within the Confederative circle, which implies great assistance for you, but also responsibility. The deadlines for the fulfillment of the missions enter their crucial stage, sealing the reception of the Akashic Records, same as in the next years, until 2018 you will find again gathered within the 24 frequencies in which this Assistance Plan was combined.

The chain of events marks the new guidelines to follow: East and West united by a single light, a single principle of life based on the human experience of thousands of years until now in which from this Inner Retreat you are told:

The Star of balance shine forever in your hearts




The energy of the Solar Disk shines in your heart and seals the indelible symbol of love where everything is possible. Tomorrow we will assist you in experiences of receiving crystals where you can feel like now and more than ever at your side. The Stela is a good quadrant and conductor of energies, which allows approaches and contacts at all levels. Contact time: 8 p.m.

Soromez - Soriam and Soramel on behalf of the Terrestrial White Brotherhood, Xenon - Sordaz and Oxiram on behalf of the Confederate Guides and Amani, representing your Venus Guides from this instructional light center of the New Humanity