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Date: 2006-10-25
Place: Montevideo, Uruguay
Antenna: Mishraelam

In this year that has already begun for the White Brotherhood of Inner Retreats, more than ever: we asks you to return to the origins of the Mission, the beginning of everything...

And in truth there we will be, among you, to activate a new collective awakening of the community of brothers related to the contact via space ships and this will be signed under the most important key of the Mission: Key 33.

The Key 33 will mark a program of contacts planned for this year, for those workers prepared and activated in the role of awakening consciences through the dissemination of their contacts.

And the time has come for the collective awakening of new Mission brothers and the population.

Via space ships will come a new awakening and interest of the population in general towards the extraterrestrial, towards the intraterrestrial, towards the reason of our existence and presence in the skies of your world.

More than ever and today as before, you will reach the media and places of contact with proper preparation.

There will be new invitations to the international press, where we will show ourselves as it always has been. Endorsing your work, our presence will be manifest so that there is no doubt about the importance of this new awakening, through a new call, outside through our ships for many, and interior, for understanding and internalization for some.

Silence and Solitude will be necessary to connect with your Inner Teacher and through him with your Real Being.

Analyze what has been achieved and what is pending to be accomplished.

We will particularly motivate each one to find himself and his thoughts to find them in unity of Love and in Harmony with the Cosmos, from your Silence, Humility and Inner Peace.

You will then take understanding through your inner work and experiences to your places of origin, countries and cities.

Our deployment will be great, in support and love of your committed word, in the fulfillment of work guidelines and objectives.

Prepare yourself, as we will give experiences to the extent of your preparation and commitment.

With Love, your Guides and Maestros,


(25-10-06, Montevideo - Uruguay)


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