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Place: Mentis, Egypt

Date: November 20, 2019

Antenna: HellAham 

Love and light, Mardorx on contact.

The light of ancient Egypt will resurface from its very ground and purify the world. The year 2020 will be of falls and emergence of precarious cycles, to give time to the new time and its new paradigms that will emerge from the progress made by Humanity.

In 2020 you will have to achieve objectives of primary importance .(..)

In the end you will see and know that all the parts are one and will finally understand what was hidden for this time. Who are today and were, know how to act and finish what is pending.

Russia will take unexpected steps that will open abysms, but the grounded land will close them with its voice.
Everything will seem to have no meaning or purpose, but you will see and understand, and those who knowing who they are will seek to fulfill their mission.

The farce will finally be torn down by the weight of its own lie and the hearts of those who loved justice at all times will shine. It will be known that nothing has been forgotten, everything done in another time will arise and will be shown without a mask, to the honor of some and reproach of others.

Light to your blue heart,