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Date: 2003-06-16

Antenna: Mishraelam


In front of the flame Maxim ...

Yes, Soromez with you. You have contacted the Lake Retreat.

Yes, before him you are, before the sacred and golden Solar Disk. Welcome brother, to the Sacred Enclosure of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays.

Seven are the Regents, seven their different energies representing Evolution itself.

Seven representing Man and his Material Universe and in all the sacred white and Eternal Flame Maxim is contained.

Yes, you have come here in fulfillment of a stage of the Plan of Love. Rahma assigns walkers in the eternal adventure of life, related to the reception of sacred and hidden wisdom.

We tell you that you will arrive here no more than ten, your delivery being manifest and in accordance with the plans of the Plan.

Rahma joins you to work committed day by day and we tell you that it is good that you know each other and that you manage the energies of each day.

Seven is the perfect number, seven is Remember. Remember your origins, what links you to this place. You traveled the sacred path of the flame and the Disc and that work together in receiving the information.

Lemuria united you, Atlantis separated you, Egypt committed you, Christ initiated you on the path of Christification.


Peace be with you.



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