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2015-04-12 Interview of Ricardo González with Ivika

Location: Yungay, Peru


In this interview the Apunians explained to me that in the future human coexistence would enter into a global crisis, ignited by overpopulation and fueled by acts of violence, ideological discrepancies, wars and if all this were not enough the irrational exploitation of the natural resources of  the earth.  Hunger and confusion raged in almost everyone.  This crisis, which entered a point of no return, forced different superpowers to create an alliance to preserve the survival of the human species.  The project, which we will call "The Ark", was based on the discovery of a new technology applicable to space navigation.  It was a source of energy, powerful, magical, which had been detected with the great Hadron Accelerators.  The Apunians already knew that "Holy Grail" cosmic.  They call it Minius, "the particle before nothing."


"The Ark" sought to send spacecraft out of Earth with hundreds of human astronauts trained to colonize a world with conditions suitable for life.  Start from scratch.  According to the Apunians, these ships carried with them two important archives: a "super-memory," which brought together the history, art, discoveries, and all kinds of learning of the human race, including how it developed on planet Earth;  and a "super-seeds", which treasured a genetic sample of numerous plant and animal species from around the globe.


But this enormous initiative could not ensure the survival of the world population.  They could only send about four hundred travelers, who had the mission of creating a new home of man in space.  These astronauts were teenagers, very young people who had been trained for this purpose since before they were born ... According to the aliens in the first instance those travelers were selected for their genetic background, being descendants of important men and women who stood out in different fields of the  Human knowledge  The second stage of the selection was the training they were subjected to since they were born.


The takeoff site was located in the Atacama region, in Chile.  The objective of space travel: the cosmic sector of Alfa Centauro, a double star located about 4.2 light years from Earth.  In that stellar coordinate there was more than one habitable world.


But something happened with this trip.


The ships of "The Ark", using the new technology that allowed them to shorten the enormous distance that separated them from their target - about 42 billion kilometers - arrived at Alfa Centauri in a remote time.  The distortion of space-time, according to Ivika's explanation, had led them to a historical era of Alfa Centauri: when those worlds were being colonized by an extraterrestrial civilization of human aspect.  As if that were not enough, human astronauts lost much of their memory when they reached their destination.  According to the story of the Apunians, the extraterrestrial colonies that were already there rescued and assisted them.  Gradually those humans mixed with that extraterrestrial race that was genetically compatible.  In the contact, Ivika explained to me that later there was a cosmic "event" that allowed an Alpha Centaur mission to come to Earth.  This mission was made up of a mixed crew: pure-lineage aliens "as the case of Antarel", and “hybrids” between aliens and humans who arrived in the ships of “The Ark”. Ivika would be one of those "mestizos" (mixed races/civilizations)...



We are them


How to convey all this to people?  Why didn't they choose someone important, a world figure that could be heard?  Why did that Alpha Centauri mission come to Earth?  Did you want to avoid the journey of "The Ark"?  And if so, what would happen to the descendants of the humans who traveled?  If the trip to Alfa Centauri is not made, would Ivika and other "mestizos" cease to exist?  A kind of paradox.


Yes, all this sounded like the plot of a science fiction movie.


Given these doubts, the Apunians told me that they had contacted important people with influence in the world.  But that they had another function.  It was not part of the plan to expose them in a public statement about the extraterrestrial presence.  According to Ivika, the Apunians decided to tell us about this human history connected with Alfa Centauri because the events that will precipitate the subsequent creation of "The Ark" were about to occur.  He told me to communicate this information as a common witness because from that place I would reach many people who needed to "remember."  They asked me to be calm, because soon there would be important scientific announcements that would support our testimony.  And then, we would meet again in the Atacama desert ...


According to the Apunians, the objective of their mission was not to avoid the trip, but to modify the crisis conditions that caused it.  In other words, may the spiritual entrustment of man on planet Earth not fail.


Always according to these beings - and I warn that this will be very difficult to digest - the trip to Alfa Centauri was made several times ... As it is read ... As if it were a "loop" of humanity that is replicated in  different membranes of reality.  And it is that the aliens maintain that we live in a multiverse where each experience intermingles and "feeds" the fabric of creation.  The objective is to cut that “loop”, the “moment when humanity was wrong”, to leave a vicious circle so that our experience as a “programmed species in a school world” -the Earth- can positively affect the evolution of different  cosmic civilizations  No, it is no delirium: the advances of humanity thanks to the study of quantum physics have revealed those other possible universes, different planes of reality that connect us, and how the cosmos could be organized through the equation “information-  experience".  Making this clean: we are multidimensional beings by nature and aliens know it.


And if the trip is not made, "they" would cease to exist?  I asked Ivika at the contact.  The Apunian commander answered me with an overwhelming calm:


"Brother, you will understand that in the universe nothing disappears, it just transforms ... We will be one again" ...


The Apunians made me understand that the life of all creatures is linked to a greater force that integrates us.  And that at some point we will return to that "Source."  I also understood the purpose of his mission: there was nothing wrong with traveling to space to explore other worlds.  The issue is the conditions of that trip: an emergency situation that forces us to flee the planet and leave others to their fate.  That is the scenario to avoid so as not to repeat patterns.


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