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Shasta, CA, USA

August 28, 1999


Dear brothers

We are here on the path of light, working together as you have done in ancient times.  The work is not of now but of always.  Have faith in what you do since this will open dimensional doors when you need them.

Have faith, my children, that work does bear fruit, the fruit of all mankind for all mankind.  You are in essence beings of light that with humility and brotherhood work, you have been able to work together until now.  You need to multiply the daily work since this will multiply the effects.  Keep in mind that this is always that simple.  Do not complicate your life in thinking that you cannot do it.

Have in you the power to transmute matter, matter is the causality of thought, and divine thought created the physical universe.  Likewise, human thought creates the necessary conditions for your Karma.  You can and should control nature that is already taking the steps to engender the new humanity.  You should then help her so that these steps are not so painful.  Send energy to Egypt, Cairo.  And to all the elements that are related to the peace of that place.

Keep in mind that we are always with you when you are working for humanity.  That is part of our work.

Brothers why wait to wake up ?.  Dawn comes as you call it or not, so the dawn of the new humanity will manifest itself if you do your part or not, but it will make a change in the way of manifesting with pain or without pain.  Work daily.

Love each other.



Keep in mind that the change was always like this, simple, step by step, do not rush to change overnight but every day, starting with the little things and thus learning to handle the big things.

Love that this is the biggest key you have to transform yourself.  Love yourself incessantly and the expected changes will come.  Sweden is coming.  You have to put on the batteries of the conscious dawn on everything you do, go after the change of the person inside you.  Love and take care of each other with love.

Keep in mind that this was not always the case.  There was a time when we directly helped humanity, it is time for you as representatives, to take the first step, to follow continuously.  Confident of yourselves and you will see the desired changes.

Love each other as I have always loved you, my children.



Be humble at the work of now and forever, don't complicate yourself, everything has a solution.  The only thing you lack is certainty in what you want to achieve and daily internal work.  You have the tool you need, use it daily and you will see that love opens doors everywhere.

Love each other.



On December 12 homework will be given, wait for more confirmation, it is already given.  Love.

Anitac and Sampiac


You can overcome crowds if you need it, you just have to arm yourself with faith and daily work and you will see the changes to be made.  Love to all and for all.

Have faith that it will depend a lot on you but there has also been a Cosmic Plan to be fulfilled by many others who are also working everywhere, including the White Brotherhood.

Love you.