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Place: Shasta, CA, USA
Date: June 27, 1998


The expected time of the Elders has arrived, this is the duty of you and us to work together in an oasis of sadness that there is where to share light.

Hope that the time is not coming yet, it is your duty to support the Elders in the work of empowering those who can most help humanity in this hour of attachment to the material.

Do not rest incessantly, humanity is waiting for what you can bring to share, and this is to be the key to the tool that humanity needs to take a leaps and bounds to find their level of consciousness that already corresponds for duty.

Keep in mind that time is rushing, do not take more rest since the bell has already rung.  It is time to wake up and work hard so that what is coming will happen now.  It is time to work together on the task of collective awakening.

Love each other, realize that the rapid pace of those who rush to overcome fear has already made a change on the horizon.

Keep in mind that time is now, now you have to follow the resurrection step like the phoenix that resurrects in the most needy moments and these are now.

Keep in mind that everything was not always like this, there were times when humanity prayed together to follow the pains but do not expect any pains, pray before it happens.

Pray together so that the energy stays more united.  Wait for no one and see that what you expect will be accomplished.

When is the time for change?  Now is the time without stopping.  It is to take into account that the steps are gigantic and necessary for you the humanity, have faith in the Cosmic Plan.

They should go to help the brothers of the golden retreat.  You have to wear your copper sandals to help others.

Follow your hurried step in learning.  You have the tools you need.  Love to others at all times and will be the key you will need to be able to be what you have to do.

Peace and goodwill on Earth.