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1998-03-22 Communication from Joaquin

Communication March 22, 1998
Place: Chilca Desert, Peru
Time: 10:30 a.m.


Beloved children:

May the eternal Light of Profound Love surround you.

The Confederation has put its best efforts in assisting the last stage of the beautiful planet Earth.  His blue aura reaches the hearts of many beings of different civilizations who observe them;  and in turn, these civilizations neighboring your world, want the Plan to be fulfilled and the blue planet to become a true galactic sun, which emanates its powerful beams of light to the farthest corners of the Universe.

As such a transformation begins its most accelerated and important stage, you as inhabitants of the Earth, must maintain a balance and harmony with the process of change.  Let the inner spark ignite until it surpasses the limits of the body, and direction in their minds towards the highest ideals, that shelter under the protective embrace of a mission that you already know.

When you see the pulsating glow of the stars, be aware that one day your planet will also be;  and from other places in the cosmos they will see its unmistakable brightness and will comment on its history and that of its inhabitants, because it will mark an important moment in the evolution of the Cosmic Plan.

The Elders have placed their trust in the man of Earth, because within himself he keeps the keys of the link, of the connection that will connect the sky with the Earth.  And then, the light of good will caress your faces and the darkness will dissipate to show a Golden Age, where the one who maintained his childlike feeling, will contemplate the dawn of the Great Day of Anrrom.

From the High of Paititi the transition of your planet is being prepared, waiting for the moment when some of you may be at our side to coordinate together, which will be the birth of a new Humanity.  I want to tell you about it, about the Seventh of Rahma or final phase, which only the Masters know;  and for that, they must be open to listen and to understand.  They must be like that cup that, being empty, allows the entrance of the sacred liquid without difficulty.  The heart and the human mind are like that cup, they must empty it first because what disturbs or disturbs them will not allow them to receive the patterns of the New Time.

Many things are happening and your eyes do not perceive them because they are beyond human comprehension.  Now more than ever they must trust, and they must have patience to wait, because the physical encounter is necessary;  therefore, the invitation for the contact will remain pending. Meditate and those doubts that assail you will be cleansed by the purifying water of the spirit;  because he knows, and he will lead you on the right path.

We have not forgotten the invitations that we sent you in the past to live many experiences; but for that, everything has its time. Can a mother have all her children at the same moment? No, everyone arrives when their time has been indicated. So, everything has a place and a moment that must be respected.  Look at yourself and check everything you have learned over these years. They have come to know how Rahma works, and they know that this mission will always be free of the mistakes or mistakes of those who make it up. Maybe the time should be delayed so that we can finally see the objectives fulfilled;  but the important thing is that these will be given for the benefit of many beings who turn their eyes to the stars, waiting for the day and time when they will return to their origins.

Go in peace.  We always keep you deep inside of us.

With love:


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