Dear brothers and sisters,

Fear/hate and Love are the opposite poles of the powerful feelings inside of us.

We are all afraid of something at one point of another, fear of : making changes, of showing who we are to other people, of discussing what we think, of being different, of not making enough money, of not surviving, homelessness, loneliness, etc.

Other people on earth are afraid, with reasons, of : wars, famine, being slaves, sex trafficking, homelessness, nationless, becoming orphans, get killed, etc.

Fear is the result of our minds of what happens if something negative becomes a reality. We attract what we think. We all know of cases where a person always complaints that everything negative happens to him or her, or of those people that mostly everything positive happens to them. When we are afraid, we lower our immune system, we can get sick.

Love is the most powerful energy that we can generate, we have heard or read about those people that with love and his/her actions, have been helping others that were sick, lonely, lost, negative, hungry, etc.. and turned things around. We also know of some in history, with so much full of love that did not get sick when exposed to others, and even cured others with touch, or words.

We all generate vibrations inside and around our bodies, vibrations that can be measured by putting cathodes around our brain, etc. These vibrations affect our cells and the physical world around us. It has been demonstrated by our scientists that we change our own physical world. Experiments with water molecules being photographed after negative or positive thoughts or words done by Dr Emoto.

Experiments by scientists of Quantum Physics, showing up results of computer generated random numbers affected of how we think, or particles of light or atoms that change their appearance depending if we look at them or not, etc.

A great experiment was done by meditators that predicted that they can lower the crime of Washington DC for 4 weeks if enough people meditated on the event, resulted as expected and now is part of the FBI files for crime prevention. Another experiment was done by meditation followers of Dr Emoto's that removed the contamination on a Japanese lake.

All of us, are like the physical brain of our Mother Earth, who it's a live being, and the summation of all of our thoughts, words, actions generate what we will attract next as a humanity. We can change our future.

Let's love all brothers and sisters, love every breath we take, every minute that we are alive, love ourselves, every relative and friends we have, every person we see, nature, the animals, the trees, all of humanity, all creation.

Let's become part of a positive force like a cell in our body that is healthy and know what to do peacefully but with strength.

Let's all do positive actions every day even if it's just a smile to someone, etc. We all are, our own placebo individually and as a humanity.

Let's our acts be rational, we can be cautious but not be driven by fear. Love above fear and hate. Let's all become a light in the darkness, a Sun (Ra) on Earth (Ma), a Rama on these moments of transition to the next level of consciousness.

Love, dear brothers and sisters, love

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