PLACE: La Paz, Bolivia 
 REC: Ademixar
 Hours: 12:00
 Here is the charge that marks the future of the destiny of your humanity.
 Be ready for the good news that marks the fulfillment of this siseratic time.
 The Columns and Cluster of Hercules now active this 2022, remind you that a new threshold has been opened, a Star Gate that will affect not only the Earth, but the life system of the entire galaxy and the local universe.
 Everything follows its imminent course of change and awakening.
 The Countdown (2018 / 2025) does not stop and with it, the trumpets resound of the call to assume the great responsibility of sustaining the light of truth within a new and renewed process in which we are all One.
 Everything will happen in resonance to the energies released from the very heart of the Local Universe in which the Central Sun of the galaxy, the Solar Logos, and now on your Earth, the Sacred Temple of the Dodecahedron, already vibrates.
 Take the destiny of your lives in your hands and co-create your new reality, just as it has been announced and programmed for this 2022, within the Countdown of MATERIALIZATION AND CONCRETION, as true sowers and missionaries of light of a New Time.
 Listen beloved:
 The 2023 within the Countdown (2018 / 2025): It is the year of THE REVELATION.
 There you will see how everything that you considered true, will no longer be so, because the veils will be lifted, the masks will fall, revealing to you the true nature of things.
 The light, due to its intensity, will blind many, and will catapult others into understanding their true divine essence, as a prelude to what will come in 2024.
 The 2024 within the Countdown (2018 / 2025): It is the year of the CATASTRO-PHE (Cadastre of faith).
 Thus, the light, due to its intensity, will detonate a tremor of human and religious values.
 The great dogmas will fall and with them the religions of a time of suffering and pain.
 A process of true definition will then be experienced, which will lead the human collective to a Catastro-faith, an evaluation and social and individual catharcis that will define the future of the new human race.
 The 2025 within the countdown (2018 / 2025) will find you in the prelude to the YEAR OF LIBERATION AND RESURRECTION!
 Then you will have reached the top, the new plateau of human achievement, a new cycle that will define the imminent future of light for everyone on Earth.
 By then, the Alliances with the Brotherhood of the Star and the Confederate Worlds will have been concluded hand in hand with the Inner Government of the Great White Terrestrial Brotherhood, and the new human community will have awakened in the new Planetary-Cosmic reality in which all we are one.
 The path is presented as the right one for you to attend the fulfillment of your Sacred Mission, the one that, like the tuning fork, crystallizes the finest crystal within you.
  We love you infinitely
  From the New Time without Time