Communication from Anitac


Date: 8-25-2020. 

"You have to understand: what's happening energetically are implosions of light. Light implodes into 3D (3rd Dimension)" 

In meditation a guide contacts me and says :

" You do not have to worry . Everything is going according to plan . We are always available to help , especially when it comes to the possible destruction of the earth and its inhabitants ( including the world of the animals). Just like we did in the past when we will intervene in nuclear explosions and similar weapons, if necessary. We will not let the library that is the Earth and its inhabitants be destroyed." 

Then Anitac appears and adds :

" The vibration is rising rapidly . For those who are ready , a portal will open . This is , so to speak , a membrane that you are inhabiting and that constitutes your supposed reality . old skin that is shedding from you . Then everything opens up ( also at the cellular level ) , in a deep connection with your original state of BEING , where everything is pure , clean and complete . We have explained that to you before . Get rid of that " skin " will be painful for many . Humanity 's resistance to that change is great and will increase in the coming months . Prepare to be in the light . Stay in peace and love no matter what " . 

" You must understand that what is happening energetically are implosions . The light implodes within the third dimension . That is why it is important to be attentive to what happens in the third dimension . You can not jump from the third dimension to the fourth dimension , because first you must connect with the deepest within yourself BEING : with who you have always been , and then then you open up to a greater universal consciousness . It is about being fully in light and love , standing consciously in the chaos of the third dimension . "

"The green crystal of the Umiña helps in this transition and its energy is released even more intensely by connecting with other green crystals found in other universes. Its energy activates a multidimensional love and a consciousness of Unity. The crystal temples in the Earth are opening up . Those are the libraries of Earth 's history . Therefore , that true history will begin to be remembered more and more . 

Earth energy vibrate cleanly in these higher vibrations.  The pyramids of Giza and the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem are now fully open.  Soon the light would cleanse the Vatican.  Everything comes to light in a great clearing on many levels and the faster the vibration of humanity rises, the faster this process of evolution will end.  "

With love and light