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Beloved children,

 Your humanity is going through processes of profound changes, which will put an end to times of darkness and confusion, and which will open the doors to the beginning of a new stage where the love manifested in your hearts will be the guide that will lead us to the materialization of a new time. where light and truth will prevail in human consciousness.

 Deeply moved, I have witnessed since the beginning of time, how the civilizations that housed each of the humanities of which you were a part, were building through their spiritual awakening the reality that is manifested today for all of us, a wonderful time that allows us to advance together to a new stage in our evolution, and that is only the consequence of everything that you, my children, manifested from the purity of your being.

 It is as part of this process of ascension and awakening that humanity is experiencing, and of everything that has yet to materialize through your work, that I make the "call" to all those who have assumed the commitment to serve the great plan in the deepest love. pure and elevated, so that you can gather on September 17 in Teotihuacán (Mexico), in this sacred land that houses within itself a dimensional portal that, as in time immemorial, will be activated again by the great WHITE BROTHERHOOD, and that will connect you with the solar network, through which you will not only deliver what you have to give to humanity, but you will also receive everything you need for your important and transcendental work in the center of power of AHAB.  where my essence will be manifested through the sacred feminine...

 After having carried out your preparation and irradiation in Teotihuacán, you will be summoned on September 20, for the activation and anchoring of the sacred feminine in the center of power of AHAB, a transcendental task for which you have prepared yourself in this and other existences with the purpose of reactivating this place destined since ancient times to be the entry point for the primordial energies of creation, and through which you will receive everything that was destined for you, providing you with important tools with which you will be able to access higher planes of consciousness and thus assume roles of great importance that are in accordance with their life mission.

 Each of you, my children, have chosen yourselves to live in this important and transcendental time for humanity. Within you lies the power to create a new reality for all, which will manifest itself through the UNITY of your hearts. .  Trust in you as I have always done...

 Feel me in the depths of your being that I am with you at all times.

 With love, Anawui (The Great Mother).