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Communication: December 21, 2020
Antenna: HellAham
Place: Sacred Valley of Cusco
Time: 5:20 AM

Love and light

Mardorx in communication

The year 2021 will take you to the opening point of a higher consciousness through awakening in action. The events that humanity has lived through until today are like a mirror where everything has been exposed without any dissimulation.

The dark forces are in search of perpetuating their dominion by putting all their material and psychic power over humanity.

But they have not been able and will not be able to dominate the spiritual camp. It is there where your strength lies and also where the liberating flame will be lit for the children of planet Earth.

In the months to come make chains of light, in order to remain united in a collective spirit. Because you must understand that the moment you connect, you expand your spiritual field and this dissolves the virtual reality camp dominated by dark forces.

There will be spasms of these entities but more and more, they will fall into their own contradictions and their actions will be affected and diminished.

Remember that you are light and that your commitment is to the light that will liberate your human race. That is why when you see the center of the storm you will know that from that moment on only the calm and light of a new day will continue.

Stand firm, united in equal vibration and attunement because in this way and only in this way you will see clearly and know how to read the events to come.

Form a community of spirits, so you will arrive in the same year to see and understand and then act.

Because there are still places to awaken and memory to activate in order to definitively bring humanity to its place within civilizations and thus everything will begin to move into its true order and evolution.

Remember that you are the future in which we are included and that you are the liberating hope of many existing civilizations beyond your known reality.

With love,