Comunication from the Guides

Place: Peru
Antenna: Tell-Elam
Date: 17-08-1981


There are four kinds of people facing the spiritual path.

First Group: The first are those who have not yet awakened to the need to drink the water from the spring of life. Those are not yet thirsty for living water, for the only water that could satisfy all their needs; These people live in the world and for the world, they love that golden prison that they have created and that the system assigns to them as a quota against their voluntary unconsciousness. These people have one god and many gods, created in their image and tailored to their needs. They need nothing more than their strength to survive as birds of prey in the jungle of civilization or as rodents that dig among the remains of the kings of this world. They will evade a thousand and one times the responsibility of discovering themselves as human beings so that they do not have to move away from the mud of their low instincts in which they wallow like fattened pigs that one day will go to the slaughterhouse. These first, tied to the plane, will repeat in other worlds the cycle that they did not know how to take advantage of because they rejected the opportunity that it offered them to define themselves.


Second group: There is a second group of people who have already awakened to the need to embody their spiritual path, but they are so oppressed by the system and by their low passions, by those manifestations of the ego that prevent them from making their own commitment to fulfillment, who simply question others without committing themselves. They are those who are looking for someone who can 'guarantee' them a safe development, without any risk; they are the followers of a thousand and one groups, but they are unable to sacrifice anything. If there is someone who is willing to live and die for them, they will follow him and even help him die. These are walking in a circle, because they have not yet developed the capacity to face their mistakes, to accept them and even less to overcome them; They do not know how to forgive, because they would have to start with themselves and give themselves a chance. This group of people still seeks to fulfill their desires, what they falsely call ´living the love´ .


Third group: The third group is made up of those who continually make mistakes, of those who stumble over taking initiatives and seriously considering a decision path seriously, seeking in one way or another, sincerely the light, but where you can find, within yourself and in relation to your neighbor. This group stubbornly insists over and over again, rising above their discouragements, because they have already developed the capacity to forgive. They are the ones who by blows learned to accept and love each one, just as they are. This group has a great virtue that is perseverance, because in the spiritual adventure only the triumph of the one who reaches the end is guaranteed. There is still a lot of darkness, one will have to hit himself long before he can definitely walk in the Light. These people have already begun to die to themselves, as they are aware of their task of leading the way by example .


Fourth group: The fourth group is made up of those who died to themselves for Love; those who crucified selfishness and denied its connection with the world and the empire of the senses. Only when our Love is greater than our attachment to life, we will learn to live, but fully, we will not need to ask for living water, because we will be like inexhaustible springs of unparalleled beauty.


(The Guides)