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Date: May 21, 2020
Place: Pisaq - Peru
Antenna: HellAham

Love and light to the hearts of humanity.

The time that has passed has been showing them the reality of the world without masks.

Beyond the pain, discomfort, and imposed confusion, you must realize that the dark forces are truly desperate as never before. They who govern the densest material plane know that they cannot face the infinite world of the spirit which they deny and loathe being unattainable to them.

That is why they will want to frighten everyone with more and more false images of reality, which have the characteristic that they are always devoid of spirituality. Therein lies the difference because, lacking a spiritual essence, everything they say or believe will never reach your hearts.

Do not stop working with the light, joining the hearts of light that are on the entire planet.

Build the future by creating with love a reality worthy of your species and of all that your blue planet contains.

The arrival of a new day is closer than you think.

Do not falter, just follow the path that is opening in each moment and that will lead you to the great day.

Remember that they do not feed on your light, so try to make your souls brighter and brighter.

In June you will see better and in July you will be able to see what that is to come, that will always be for the good of all of you, the beloved children of the Earth.

With love