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Communication: 2020-03-30
Place: Quito, Ecuador
Antenna: Faxom

Yes Oxalc and Sampiac accompanying you.

Remember that you are not alone, we are close by observing what is happening and we regret what is happening. These days pay attention to the signals of the light, the White Brotherhood will act balancing the scales towards the light, counteracting the attack of the dark. But we need from you to work cleaning all the negativity generated by the fear and insecurity that you feel. Continue with your chains and meditations sowing light. We are in the defining time where the antagonistic forces face each other, conscious humanity must polarize events. Keep the vibration high to continue the guidance and orientation and thus face the events together.

With love.



Communication: 2020-04-01
Place: Lima, Peru
Antenna: Amarelac

"Today, it is the opportune calm, because for love, you are here. You are in their grace those who only for love, wanted to come. You are part of the world and of the promise assumed by love. Only in meditation will you find answers and ways of promise. Stop feeling anguish. Stop feeling sadness, Stop wanting to believe, that despair is a response. Live creating, Live believing, Live concretizing the Plan.

You are all called to summon for the teaching, the path of those who lack love.

Create in their minds, the Divine essence of their own hearts. Understand that love is the answer. Understand from peace, it is good. Understand that it is the time to form, the real time in the One, and it is to resolve.

You are the way of life, and the way has many doors, no free path should guide you to a strong destiny and it is enough to advance. You are the chosen children, you are the common good of all. you are the ones that connect with the Cosmos. And the Cosmos encompasses us all.


* Connected with the Desert.


Communication: 2020-04-03
Place: Lima, Peru
Antenna: Luremir Time: 7:32 p.m.

Luremir: Fear not !!! If you are on the path of Light, why do you fear?

You were prepared, for times like now. Humanity will not be the same after this test. We are in action. We expect the same from you. This experience unites you, grows you. Never before has the human race been seen to be so supportive. We are both shocked and admired. We are on the front line, with you. The hard test is passing. We tell you, don't let your guard down. Persist in radiating. You are not alone.

We love.