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Place: Titicaca Lake, Puno, Peru.
Date: 12/06/2017
Antenna: Harim Rah
Contact with the Masters of the 7-ray Abbey - Puno- PERU


If you want to see your future, just look at your past. The immutable laws of nature are the means to recreate the Cause and Effect, it is the Conscious friend of the awakening of memories. Fear is similar to loyalty to generate communion. Fear is the real thing of the mind, which creates the illusion of unity based on the need of each other.

Loyalty, beloved ones, is the consequence of recognizing yourself consciously and willing to serve a higher purpose that awakens in your feeling, rediscovering the essential, is to remember to return to yourself. The divine eye was always within you, remembering spiritual comfort. The harmony of knowledge, decide where and why.

The path of water is the path to the overcoming of matter, the power of the Chalice overflows the cup, water is the path that leads to the home of the Mother refuge from which lost the origin of its memories. The Ruby crystal hopes to give its heartbeat and glitters to the holders of the Passion seeds. Water is the way: Remember!

The council and its duties. They announce your return to look for your ancient lineages and you have therefore been received. The one of pure blood brought you, you must decide to return to Consciousness and For the Love of Humanity that received you.

The loss and pain of the child can be a message of reflection. For you forgotten your essence. And the pain of recognizing it. To remember is to wake up and be awake to recognize what was forgotten before. It is to approach each one of its essence and dare to feel free to choose, Be the one who carries the sword, manifests the submission and Will to the Plan, which is restored.

The sacred world announces what is to come, a great period of transformations.

(Regent of the Temple of Purity and Eternal Flame) of the Abbey of the 7 Rays.