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Date: 2010-06-19
Place: Florida, Uruguay
Antenna: Mishraelam

"Yes Oxalc, Yes Sampiac"

Brothers in Mission, these are times of preparation and contact, of connection, of being bridges of Light between the Cosmos and the Earth.

Therefore, refine your preparation, go out to the field and activate each other while working. Activate your initiations, radiate and connect in Light and Love each Retreat.

Prepare the outings. That each brother works, thus, each one of you will be activated in the work in common, in the sharing of each work, whether in meditation, irradiation or mantralization.

That each group goes out to the field this August and joins the support, contact and connection work that will be carried out by all the Rahma groups in the World, protecting the objectives of the trip to Paititi. Protect with your Light, with your Love to the expedition.

Do the same with those who travel to the Cave of the Tayos (Ecuador), as well as to Ciudad Blanca, in Honduras.

That your support in your daily and personal work is not lacking. They create the best conditions for the success of the expeditions. Support each other also at each outing, forging stronger bonds of friendship and brotherhood between you and with brothers and friends from other countries.

We see that some of you continue to create relationships of egoic dependence and this creates a vicious circle that is harmful to the normal development of groups wherever they are.

Recognize yourself as brothers, as friends, in this Love Mission. See as a complement and not as a competition. Do not spare any effort to review your egoic postures, to retrace your steps until the moment you made a mistake and recognize your mistakes.

Remember that the Ego is opposite to Love and where there are Egos there is no Love. If your attitudes, if your words, actions and thoughts are influenced by your Egos, then you certainly do not act from the heart, for the moment, you move away from Rahma and of his Essence, of his objectives and of the Deep Love.

Don't be afraid to remember this every step of the way since where there is Love, there is the Deep Love, on the other hand, where the Egos dominate your acts, your actions, Who is there?

Whoever remains in Love will undoubtedly be guided by Profound Love, but whoever remains in their Egos, in their egoic attitudes, will undoubtedly move away from Rahma Mission, their goals, the Essence of Mission, unfailingly losing the path laid for him in this incarnation.

We are clear because it is time to be, to speak clearly, especially in these times of great change and definition.

You should know that there is always an opportunity to change, to review positions, attitudes. We don't talk to anyone in particular, but to everyone in general.

The Mission, you should know, takes care of itself, not even we or the Maestros take care of it. In any case, it would be the Profound who takes care of it.

Rahma comes from God, from Deep Love, and everything that happens in it is according to his will. Therefore, you must work more with your inner Teacher.

Work in silence, in introspection, in meditation. Observe, observe within yourself what you must change and do it for Love. Observe, observe each other, see what unites you. Join in common objectives, work all as ONE, complying with the guidelines and objectives proposed group by group and country by country.

Remember: "Now is the time when time is now."

With Love,


(19-06-10, Villa August 25 - Florida, Uruguay)


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