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Communication: 2019-11-22

Place: Solymar, Uruguay

Antenna: Eliah Ra Time: 22:40

All of humanity is reaching its defining stage. This is the time when you, lightworkers, have to unite in love and harmony to shine in pure light, uniting and sustaining energetically the great network that will finally elevate the planet and all its creatures.

You have already gone through many stages, first that of waking up and realizing reality, then the stage of seeing and confirming that what was said to you, the contact, is true. Later you learned to capture our thoughts and so, little by little you were learning everything necessary to be able to perform now in the best possible way, with awareness, love and dedication for the task assigned to you and which you assumed on your own will.

This is the time in which you must assume yourself as the wonderful beings of light that you are and release that enormous power that you carry within yourself, giving every day and every moment the best and brightest that springs from within you. Try, try it a bit every day and you will see how fast the changes around you begin to occur. You always have and will count on our unconditional support in each instance that requires it, but know that the task is yours, your responsibility, because for this you were formed for so long and with so much effort.

It is time to meet and unite, lean on each other and not decay. You are at the doors of the most glorious change that your humanity has to live. Go ahead brothers !!! Light, Love and Power be with you !!!

With infinite love

Anitac and Sampiac