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Communication: November 18, 2012
Antenna: HellAham
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina


Love and light Mardorx from the Haloc 1 orbital ship


Dear children of the Earth, the times are finally being fulfilled of what was planned. That is why, with only a few days left, we tell you not to stop vibrating in the highest harmony, because each one of you will make it possible to awaken many others before and even after the reconnection of the alternative and real time.

There are those who feel within themselves a potential that they don't know how to describe with the mind, we tell them to just let themselves be guided by the heart because they will know how to lead them to another reality by inexplicable paths for the human mind but known by the heart. Thus, everything pure of you will survive the great changes that are yet to come.

Calm your minds, seek to be in perfect calm and prepare to feel, rather than to see with your physical eyes, everything that will come after the reconnection.

We, your brother guides, are also being reached by the same process but the reverse of you, because we begin to be affected by an accumulation of emotions and feelings that are unbeatable, which is why we are learning from you and with you.

Now is the time when everything on your planet will be exposed, nothing will be hidden, both what was hidden from knowledge to mankind and those who present themselves in one way are actually the opposite, because it is also hidden knowledge that must remain on Everyone's sight.

We will continue to carefully guard the days to come, but yours is the work and the merit of what you achieve at last. What today appears as an inevitable storm will soon give way to light, because being suns you will overcome darkness.

With love Mardorx