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Antenna: Harim Rah

Date: Oct 7, 2019

The Mental Doctors of the Orbital Medical Ship, Commander Erjabel with you.

Question: What can you tell us about Synthetic viruses and those that would be contained in Antarctica?

Question: The Crystals of the Times (Tetrahedra) that make up the great network that this planet contains are in an alternative sphere or space time?


Brothers, diseases have been created in the laboratories of the parked ships of some tiny groups of Guardians (who inserted extraterrestrial viruses that alter human DNA programs) with the intention of modifying the molecules and therefore the nature of the energies, which were the forms found by Genetic Engineers (The Programmers of Life) To manifest the Mandate of the High Spheres.


Several of them were stored in the waters of the planet. And they were deliberately stored and frozen, just like life forms unknown to you so that in the thaws (Warming of the atmosphere) they would be released, as that would be the consequence of the magnetic change of the planet. That would activate them but with a deliberate negative intention. In Antarctica there is more than one city of the original settlers, and there are different manifestations of life, cosmic and altered to create confusion and extermination. The rulers of your planet are mentally manipulate by beings in mental forms (Without corporeality) that persist with their negative plans, without understanding the great opportunity to evolve that this "Hinge" humanity poses is also for a part of the civilizations involved in this planetary Cosmic process.


Your change of focus is essential in terms of the perception of your daily reality completely manipulated in terms of information at all levels and that you cannot understand the subtle threads that surround you in the whirlwinds of events. The confusion is established at different levels, one that creates its own processes of changes before the dogmas, schemes and attachments to the negative forms established. Another way is to create tension through the manipulation of information creating discouragement, which will expose what each one had about the expectations with yourselves.


Brothers: the great challenge and commotion is being created by the release of information to which the rulers, scientists and religions are being forced, which is the one that will seek to overthrow from your psyche hundreds of years of lies and degradation of the true values ​​and respect for the real earthly experience, as a great alternative to the vision of the eyes of feeling. We had warned you of the true Cadastre or Faith (Catastrophe) census that would create to know the True events and experiences. The informative intoxication on the part of the media tries to expand the virus of discouragement, frustration and distrust that seek to neutralize your consciences and spiritual awakening. Creating inner chaos to which your mind will try to identify with personal and family situations. Your humanity represents a Synthesis of unfinished projects that involve remnants of other alternatives of creating a "Bridge" between tangible and intangible realities through the awakening of the Subsequent memories in which "All" of us involved would benefit.


Perhaps your Humanity has the toughest task there to expand the magnetic radiations emanating from your hearts. You are accessing the knowledge of the True events, which you involve as civilizations to be able to find through the key of Imagination and Love, the Forgiveness that awakens each one of the reverie in which we all fell, for lack of understanding.


Your task is to know where are located the Tetrahedra, the Crystal Containers of time, brought by the Guardians and Orion Watchers that make up the Magnetic Network that has temporarily contained the planet at another time or manifested moment of Creation on this material plane.


You will understand the responsibility that falls on Humanity, that everything has had a Superior purpose. Each experience and those involved by Love or misunderstanding the great opportunity to find the answers to the question posed by this Project from the beginning that pursues an end; Bring order and balance where it was lost. Where the Savior needs to be saved and the jailer released. Now is the time when your hopeful Humanity manages to expand the Transmutation Virus and Forgiveness through this plane and part of the Universe. Teaching the way back to cosmic redemption through feeling.


With the force of Love in each heart of you the conscious. Each one is the future of humanity, its defects and virtues that make it unique. An alternative of change, that you create with your changes. Be optimistic about the coming events that, even in your shock, will orient the planetary future towards your destiny in fulfilling the inherited mandates. Always keep in mind that DNA sequences can be reprogrammed and the Power of Love makes them impenetrable to a lower force.


Clone your thoughts with that feeling until there is nothing left of the old being. The evolutionary change will lead you to transcend all fear or pain upon awakening.


Self-preservation will be the guide for preserving your superior systems that modify every feeling found in the being. Learn to see beyond lies and hope to believe that this was your reality and dare to create what you feel.


Means "The key to immortality is to live a life full of Service and Renunciation"


Brothers: The sacred Mandate for your Humanity remains the same:


Erjabel With You Brothers.