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Communication of the White Brotherhood

Antenna: Royce Muñiz

Place Mt. Shasta Ca.

October 5, 2014 Time 4:33 am

It was in a very deep state of meditation, where extraordinarily conscious I watched myself descend as if in slow motion to the intra-earth depths of this great mystical mountain in the company of my nine companions and brothers on mission, in moments we were already entering a large oval hall walking in a strait lane, inside it, the floor was marked and drawn with an extraordinary amount of symbols and sacred geometry, it was there that I saw that each one of my brothers, a white-robed being handed them a symbolic object, all were different, at last he approached me and stretching his hands he put in mine an old open metallic gold colored book and without moving his lips I listened to what he told me:

"Welcome to this intra-earth city, brothers, the invitation has been ours, it complies with one of the protocols that obey a greater plan because through the millennials man forgot who he really is, where he comes from and where he is going, thinking that he is the only one in the universe without realizing that it is the result of a Cosmic Project that involves both him and a number of civilizations, that is why one of the reasons why you are here is exactly that, to help you remember keys and sleeping memories that lie and underlie within yourself by activating other sacred and symbolic geometric mechanisms within your bloodstream, it It is found in the DNA of humanity and your true origins come from the deepest part of the universe, that is why the approach with us will be increasingly conscious and constant.

The fundamental and primary purpose as an objective will be that you become familiar with us and thus have access to the true history and trajectory of humanity because the times through which the Human race goes through it merit it, since part of the information we have guarded and the unification with us is eminent and necessary since we are all part of that major plan.


And yes, the face and silhouette that is projected at this moment is from our Great Older Brother, the one who with his coming marked a great pattern of all times for Humanity because it is he himself who with redemption and cosmic forgiveness awaits our return and ascent to higher levels, that is why all extraterrestrial civilizations that visit the earth since immemorial time and your race from the surface (of earth) now begin to interact together thus forming the true Terrestrial White Brotherhood and thus we will shape and give guidelines and answers based on inimaginable degrees of consciousness, forgiveness and universal cosmic redemption by altering the forces of the universe itself and then we will all be part of that synchronization, mobilizing dimensions, races, interdimensional folds and it will be there where our Big Brother will give us approval because in this part of the universe there will be the so desired alternative that modified everything, whether terrestrial, intraterrestrial, extraterrestrial, ultraterrestrial and all those forces that far from boycotting the plan helped us accelerating and returning the lost dynamics in the universe, is so we will be protagonists of the reconnection of all the Universal times and resonances will vibrate in absolute symbiosis and cosmic redemption, thus reaching the high levels of Christification.


With love of humanity,


Your Brother Archer.


It was then that he said: Brother return and write all this, it has been recorded in your mental files , and I still exclaim: I will forget!

Then I saw how this being turned and disappeared from my sight and my mind was resonating, then I heard another different voice that said:

Yes, I am Antarel and we will help you remember it, do not worry, as always with unconditional love we will support you."

I could no longer and with broken words I began to share the experience with my nine friends, who were all part of the same experience, I am not a man of letters but I have tried to share this beautiful contact experience, a big hug to everyone and that Let the light continue to guide us.

We are all one